Metaverse: Koi Labs has raised $5.3 million in its latest round

Koi Labs has recently just announced the successful completion of its fundraising round with support from strategic partners and investors. As well as leading game guilds from different parts of the globe.

According to the official statement, Koi Labs closed a $2.7 million Series A round of funding with a $45 million valuation for Koi Metaverse A.

It previously raised $2.6 million in a Pre-Series A round. AU21 Capital, Titans Ventures, ZBS Capital, X21 Digital, Maven Capital, Encrypt Club, Kyros Ventures, Exnet Capital, and other leading venture capital firms lent their full support to Koi Lab’s concept.

Koi Labs


The fundraising will be instrumental in promoting the idea of building a unique metaverse

The funds will be used to promote and innovate the concept. Which aims to connect the token economy with in-game NFT assets to create a unique metaverse and support exponential growth.

The new funding will also go into recruiting many crypto masters to power Koi Metaverse’s development. And marketing efforts as it seeks to establish itself as a leading crypto enterprise.

As it collaborates with respected partners, Koi will be able to expand its ecosystem and develop games with such resources.Moreover in the not-too-distant future, Koi Metaverse will launch groundbreaking virtual creations.

Unlocking The Next-Gen Gamefi Metaverse Economies

The metaverse has a bright future, according to Koi Metaverse. The project is eager to establish its ecosystem in order to unlock the Next-Gen metaverse economy as true believers and fans of virtual worlds.

Metaverses have existed in the form of multiplayer internet games for decades. However, the metaverse economy is evolving into a fascinating virtual environment.

The intersection of DeFi, GameFi and the metaverse has piqued the interest of several crypto communities

The convergence of DeFi, GameFi, and the metaverse is of interest to several crypto groups and venture capital investors in Silicon Valley. More corporations are jumping on board the fast-moving bandwagon as these areas grow at unprecedented rates.

Koi metaverse uses blockchain technology to create a world where contracts are embedded in digital code. Additionally recorded in transparent, shared databases. Additionally allowing everyone to have genuine ownership of digital properties they buy in the virtual reality.

Owners of a Koi NFT are eligible for a variety of perks. Furthermore, there will be an option to become Koi Metaverse’s seed players and participate in profitable play-to-earn games. In 2022, the Koi metaverse plans to release new gaming modules with various tales and characters.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.