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Metaverse: OneRare food collaborations


OneRare, a blockchain-based project that is creating a metaverse for food, games, and NFTs, has announced a partnership with celebrity chefs Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila, and Jaimie Van Heije.

The unique concept of OneRare, the world’s first food metaverse on blockchain, has piqued the global interest. OneRare transforms chefs’ recipes into NFTs, which users will be able to claim by gathering ingredients and playing the game.

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“We are really excited to cooperate with prominent food and beverage players Chef Arnold Poernomo, Chef Saransh Goila, and Chef Jaimie Van Heije,” Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare, said of the collaboration. “With the support of these pioneers, we hope to expand the concept of Foodverse”. “And celebrate their culinary journey as NFTs in the foodverse on a worldwide scale”.

Chefs will be able to interact with international audiences for the first time. They will introduce unique culinary concepts from their region of the world, thanks to blockchain’s quickly expanding reach.

OneRare is now set to extend its Foodverse. Mainly thanks to a recent $2 million fundraising round from famous angel investors and leading crypto firms. For the first time, OneRare’s engaging game is bringing the global food and beverage business to the blockchain. Furthermore, the project is working to partner with top chefs from around the world.

“The success of my passion for the food business is now making its way to blockchain to explore new areas of food,” Chef Arnold Poernomo remarked of the relationship.

“The possibilities are infinite and certainly delectable when combined with metaverse and OneRare.”

Moreover, Chef Saransh Golia expressed his opinions on the partnership by saying, “I’ve learnt that food knows no bounds, from being a chef in my own kitchen to teaching and producing recipes remotely. I’m really looking forward to diving into this new chapter of cuisine in the metaverse with OneRare. I find it fascinating that you can make your favorite recipes in the metaverse and make your own NFT cuisine”.

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