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Billed as the first “cross-platform VR metaverse” on Solana, Solice provides a digital landscape that is owned, built and operated by its users through virtual reality. The platform is very similar to Decentraland in that the Solice metaverse will comprise a fixed number of LAND parcels, which are NFTs that can be developed, used and monetized by their owners. The platform will include a wide variety of features that arguably make it one of the most expansive metaverse projects currently being built. Briefly, these include: Blockchain-based digital pets: NFT-based digital critters that follow their owners around the Solice metaverse and unlock improved yields and new features. Quest-based gameplay: Allowing users to earn a fraction of the SLC token supply for completing quests in the metaverse. Dungeon gates: These are magical portals that randomly spawn throughout the metaverse and transport players to void dungeons where they can complete challenges and games to earn rewards. Crafting system: After obtaining the correct ingredients and materials by scouring the metaverse (or purchasing them), users can craft potentially rare/valuable/useful NFT assets. Solice marketplace: This is a web-based platform used for exchanging Solice-based assets in 3D VR, including plots of land, pets, avatars, buildings, raw materials and more.


XANA is an upcoming Ethereum layer-2 platform that is designed to power the future of the metaverse through a wide range of custom-built technologies. The platform allows brands, businesses and individuals to create their own custom 3D environments and services within its virtual landscape. Like most metaverses, this landscape is divided into individual land plots — in this case, these are formed of a number of 1×1 grids (50m x 50m in-game area). The largest of these plots can be up to 4×4 units (200m x 200m). These plots are NFT-based and can be freely sold, traded or leased to other users. In total, just 150,000 plots will be made available, which users will be able to obtain in various ways. XANA also features comprehensive avatar customization options and gives brands and creators the opportunity to create exclusive avatars for their users as a potential NFT drop or monetization route.


GameRich is an upcoming metaverse-centric launchpad and product ecosystem that looks to make gaining exposure to early-stage and promising metaverse projects a simpler and safer task. This solution aims to provide opportunities for all participants — irrespective of their risk appetite and preferred asset classes. Like many metaverse projects, GameRich also has a major overlap with the blockchain gaming sector. The platform will offer a variety of tools and services including an automated DeFi yield aggregator, an NFT inventory and marketplace aggregator, and a game launchpad. One of GameRich’s other major features is the Metaverse Bank. This is a suite of tools and services blockchain game players and investors can use to maximize their returns and minimize barriers to entry. This includes helping users deploy their NFTs to a game, securely delegate their NFTs to other players for a passive yield, or simply store their NFTs as part of their collection.


The metaverse is set to become an incredibly large and diverse space, filled with opportunities (and risks). Some projects are building solutions that allow creators and builders to create their own independent metaverses, while others are building the projects with metaverse-centric elements, such as decentralized governance, 3D worlds, incentivized engagement, NFTs and digital identity. Like most other niches, it is highly likely that the metaverse will eventually become saturated with a staggering array of projects, most of which will fail, while others will go on to achieve meteoric growth and success. MetaVPad sits at the intersection between new metaverse projects and investors, by providing a platform where users can gain exposure to a range of hand-selected metaverse projects — without needing to do all of the research that usually comes with identifying promising new opportunities. As a metaverse-centric launchpad, the platform allows METAV token stakers to get guaranteed allocations in the IDOs of curated metaverse projects. Users are separated into tiers based on the number of METAV tokens staked, which directly influences the size of the allocation they receive in each project.


Defined as a decentralized crowd computing network, Nosama is a platform that aims to democratize CPU cloud computing through a blockchain-based platform. The platform is primarily focused on the metaverse and aims to become a key piece of infrastructure that metaverse builders use to power their digital landscapes. Nosana will leverage the spare capacity of its network participants to provide builders with cheaper and more accessible cloud computing for their applications — reducing or potentially eliminating their reliance on big tech. Nosana leverages the Solana blockchain and uses the NOS token to fuel an open marketplace for shared computing power. Eventually, Nosana hopes to enable an open metaverse where the computations used to power a wide range of metaverse-based experiences — such as NPC interactions, procedurally generated environments, file encryption and more — are securely computed by the same users that leverage these technologies. Nosana is currently several months away from its mainnet launch, but the platform is scheduled to launch its incentivized testnet shortly after its public sale. Users will also be able to get their hands on NOS tokens by becoming a node operator — tasked with running pipelines, verifying code and protecting the network from false nodes.


Bit.Country is a widely anticipated platform that allows users to create their own personalized metaverses that reflect the specific needs and themes of their communities. Each metaverse will be completely customizable and will feature its own unique token economy and decentralized governance system, allowing the creators and participants to tailor its design to their needs, while providing a flexible framework for growth, community incentives and future upgrades. Bit.Country is designed to offer a non-technical framework used to build custom metaverses. It also provides a robust API that developers can use to build powerful games and smart contract-based experiences for their metaverse. The platform is built on the Substrate platform and provides a democratic, incentivized and economical framework for building 3D worlds, games and experiences. Each metaverse has its own fixed number of land blocks, which can be further subdivided into land units.


If you’re a fan of traditional and new-generation fighting games, MetaFighter could be one worth watching. MetaFighter looks to provide players with pulse-quickening arcade-style fighting action backed by a metaverse with friendly (and perhaps not so friendly) wagers that let players put their money where their mouth is — and earn income from their talents. Fighting games have always been seen as the ultimate test of gaming skill. Only RTS (real time strategy) and tactical FPS (first-person shooter) have the same kudos within the gaming community at large as an ultimate expression of player skill. The technical precision, concentration and learning required to be the best at these games has forged a passionate, loyal and hitherto unrewarded community that knows talent when they see it. MetaFighter will leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to unlock an array of play-to-earn opportunities for users, helping players earn rewards for progressing through the game and defeating their opponents. The game is centered around fighters that are both willingly and unwillingly drawn from disparate timelines and now need to duke it out for the chance to be labeled “the greatest of every time.”

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