MetaVerse Society is an emerging project

The unique, welcoming NFT initiative known as MetaVerse Society will introduce a number of collections on the Ethereum blockchain. There will only be a small quantity of the first collection, MetaVerse Kangaroos.

The community DAO will receive 5% of the mint’s earnings, and its owners will pick how to spend it—for giveaways, charitable contributions, cash awards, products, buybacks, and other uses. Royalties will be paid to the community DAO in addition to a portion of the mint’s profits. A 20% royalty will be paid to the community DAO.

The corporation will buy back its collection on a weekly basis

If the community approves, the community fund will be used for these buybacks. The business will provide information about the acquisition of MetaVerse Kangaroo from OpenSea on its own Discord server. As previously announced, the public will have access to the community fund’s address.

“We shall make available to our community every NFT we acquire. The floor price could be raised by using the buyback strategy. The community fund itself will get Ethereum from the sales.”

There will be 2424 places on the whitelist. The benefits of being a WL member with minting are enhanced. Holders will receive the maximum 3x Gamma boost airdrop and earn the maximum number of tokens while staking.

Play-to-earn games will be created in collaboration with businesses who are experts in this field. Holders will have the option to direct the corporation where to put that game. Holders will get their MeVerse Token by playing the game. The game will be a hybrid of Club Penguin, Sims City, and Minecraft.

“You may communicate with other MVS owners and play a variety of games on it. You will be sent on a mission to various locations in order to find people to bring back to our society and preserve it from the extinction of the human race. As this will result in another collection, we will be asking the neighborhood where they would like these gateways to go on Earth.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.