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Metaverse: vietnamese pioneer project


The metaverse has gained popularity in recent weeks, and the people of Vietnam are about to get a taste of it with the upcoming launch of The Parallel.



The Parallel’s focus is on “enjoying to earn” rather than “playing to earn

Investors such as Santiago Roel Santos, a partner at ParaFi Capital who is well-known in the Blockchain business, have backed and advised The Parallel. Kyber Ventures, which shares The Parallel’s long-term objective, becomes the project’s principal investor to help it reach the global market.

In addition, The Parallel is working on Paragon Crafting. The Parallel’s foundation game, as well as other projects like Hydra System. “Many Vietnamese are likewise following the goal of the metaverse,” CEO Louis N. Young says when questioned about The Parallel’s metaverse vision for the Vietnamese people.

” If young people in Vietnam are eager, talented, and innovative. They can entirely convert the country into a metaverse hub”. The Parallel, we feel, will serve as a model for the next generation of entrepreneurs as they try to create a new world in preparation for the next Internet revolution.”

The Metaverse is a long-term goal, a vision of the future

“It takes a lot of money and effort to get to the Metaverse. Which is a long-term objective and a vision of the future. As a result, those who capitalize on this trend early will have a significant competitive edge “Added he.

Given the recent success of Axie Infinity, a “play-to-earn” platform that ushered in a new era for the gaming industry. Some blockchain enthusiasts believe Vietnam has what it takes to become the epicenter of unicorn-worthy metaverse firms. In addition, the authoritative data platform Chainalysis puts Vietnam top in cryptocurrency adoption. Demonstrating the Vietnamese people’s trust in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Parallel is a metaverse project that aims to provide users with the ultimate form of entertainment

The Parallel is a metaverse project with the goal of providing people with the best form of pleasure while simultaneously allowing them to generate passive revenue. The initiative appears to be highly promising, with a lot in store for Vietnamese and international citizens. It will be interesting to see if it can compete with other prominent blockchain projects in Vietnam, such as Axie Infinity.


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