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Metaverse: Yumy, 30 million downloads


Newborn Town’s important step will be Meta Town, a newly incorporated Metaverse module in Yumy. With the goal of providing an unmatched next-generation video-based social experience for worldwide consumers.

The number of downloads of Newborn Town Inc’s video-based social platform Yumy has topped 30 million. An increase of more than six times in six months, according to the business.


Newborn Town, a HKSE-listed business that focuses on open and worldwide social networks and has created a portfolio of audio and video social goods, is a HKSE-listed company that focuses on open and globalized social networks.

Its key apps, such as MICO and YoHo, have built a strong foundation in emerging areas, such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, it assured significant development in developed regions, such as North America, Japan, and Korea, this year.

MICO, for example, made the top ten best-selling social applications on iOS in 103 countries and regions. Including several industrialized nations like the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Italy.

Yumy, a social app that the business hopes to launch this year, has already achieved impressive results. It had 5 million downloads at the end of May, topped 10 million in August. And surpassed 20 million in October.

Promising results.

So far, the number has risen to 30 million, with the rate of increase quickening. Yumy is also in the top ten best-selling social applications on Google Play in 36 countries. Strongly highlighting its commercial potential.

Yumy’s Metaverse module, Meta Town, is presently in closed beta testing. Users may create and use dynamic 3D avatars for correspondence and video interactions.

“We’ve been actively investigating Metaverse, such a highly immersive social situation that symbolizes the super future of social networks, since the beginning,” said Li Ping, the company’s CEO.

The firm has been deploying its concept in the field of worldwide audio and video social networks for the past seven years, and has amassed a large number of social users and their relationships.

In addition, the company’s extensive experience in real-time interaction, artificial intelligence, and other technological domains will aid in the company’s investigation and development of Metaverse.

The Metaverse might foreshadow the Internet’s final form. Online social networks will continue to evolve as an essential component of the Metaverse.

People may soon see a revolution that fundamentally reshapes the online social experience as more and more social networking firms join the army of the Metaverse adventure.

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