Metawalls is hosting a DeFi exhibition

Metawalls, a Berlin-based metaverse platform, aims to bring modern art and culture to the metaverse. Metawalls aims to share Berlin’s unique culture with a global digital audience, and its Decentraland exhibition and NFT platform are the first steps in that direction.

Metawalls will open the Embassy to the public, allowing them to experience the space for the first time

The Embassy will be available to the public for the first time, allowing visitors to experience the facility for the first time. For those who are unable to attend physically, there will be a Decentraland event. There will also be a discussion about the prospects and difficulties of the Web 3 sector.

Collectors will also have access to over 30 NFTs in various formats, including CO-NFTs (collective ownership NFTs), editions, twins, and collectibles. The majority of them are Genesis Drops, so it’ll be a chance to get your hands on the first copies of fantastic artists that are gearing up to shake the NFT area.

Embassy, a Metaverse place created by Metawalls, will bring together artists, innovators, and collectors while simultaneously promoting art, freedom, and inclusion. Among the artists that will cooperate with Metawalls are Jim Avignon, Caro Pepe, Anne Bengard, Vidam, Ron Miller, Jadore, Marina Zumi, Bustart, Rabea Senftenberg, Sam Crew, Herr von Bias, Hülpman, Sr. Papa Chango, Vera Kochubey, Michael Sebastian Haas, Carolina Amaya, FIZ, and Rommy González.

Decentraland will be the site of the Embassy

The Embassy will be placed in Decentraland and will be around 48 meters tall, with the platform’s immersive features revolutionizing the digital experience for collectors and artists alike. Furthermore, Metawalls may use the Embassy to bring more of Berlin’s art, creativity, and culture to the blockchain, resulting in greater community, equality, solidarity, and humanity being released into the cosmos.

The design and architecture of the Embassy are similar to those of Berlin’s physical art space, with openness, edginess, and a collision of styles and movements.

CO-NFT is for the Genesis community. Shareholders who wish to attend the event in Berlin must RSVP via the event website. Moreover, by displaying their wallet address at the location, Genesis community CO-NFT shareholders will be allowed access.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.