Nissan and Tota make their entry in the metaverse

Two Japanese carmakers, Nissan and Toyota, have launched operations in the metaverse. Nissan’s virtual showroom can host vehicle launches and other events, while Toyota’s workspaces are being used to hold employee meetings.

Nissan and Toyota have become the latest global corporations to join the metaverse

After a report claimed that the former had developed a virtual showroom and the latter had created virtual offices, Japanese carmakers Nissan and Toyota had become the latest major firms to enter the metaverse. By creating a presence in the metaverse, the two carmakers join Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz in using the technology.

Nissan has constructed a digital reality replica of its Tokyo gallery Nissan Crossing, according to a Nikkei Asia story, which can be used for product debuts and other events. Nissan Motor Corporation claims that their Invisible-to-Visible augmented reality interface, which connects to the metaverse, has opened up “unlimited possibilities for services and communications that will make driving more convenient, comfortable, and entertaining” on its website.

Toyota is reported to have created virtual workstations

Toyota, on the other hand, is said to have built virtual workstations for certain of its departments and subsidiaries, despite being one of the world’s largest carmakers by volume. Employees participate in company meetings and converse with one another using avatars.

The parent company’s technical development and human resources teams, according to the article, are already using virtual workplaces. According to the source, there are apparently plans to expand this. Meanwhile, a Toyota spokesperson said that the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting limits on human movement were the driving forces behind the company’s decision to develop virtual workspaces.

“With more individuals working from home due to the coronavirus, we’re giving young employees and others with communication possibilities within the company,” an unnamed automaker representative is reported as saying.

Outside Japan, German automakers Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz Group are making use of metaverse tech.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.