OneRare: The Internet’s First Look at a Food Metaverse

OneRare and the Global Food System

OneRare combines metaverse technology with agriculture and food industries to build a virtual space where players can interact on a global level by learning about and creating dishes.

The platform works in a similar way to a simulation game, with users being able to farm their own ingredients and sell them at virtual farmers markets. Players in the “foodverse” collect ingredients as NFTs in order to make a dish or resell them. By creating strategic marketplaces, users can increase their earnings.

The price of the potato NFT will be very low if every user in the OneRare metaverse grows potatoes. A user can choose to grow a more rare item. Or use the potato to make a specialized dish that will sell better as an NFT.



While the virtual reality appears to be very similar to previous versions of “foodverses,” such as Facebook’s FarmVille. OneRare aims to create an ecosystem that users can inhabit and participate in. OneRare users will own their earnings rather than donating them to a larger corporation.

The pandemic, according to founders Raju and Gupta, made them aware of the universal interest and understanding of food. In addition they hope to make the emerging Web3 platforms accessible to people all over the world by creating a metaverse based on this understanding.

OneRare’s core mission is to end world hunger, according to their website. However, OneRare is not yet available to the general public, and the impact of the founders’ anti-hunger efforts is unknown. They have only stated their intentions to raise awareness at this time.

While metaverse technologies may be useful for forming global communities and experiencing gastronomic cultures virtually. Environmental activists have warned against the negative effects of NFTs on climate change.

Future of food system, agriculture, and food and beverage industry blockchains

The future of the metaverse and cryptocurrencies holds a lot of promise, but it also has a lot of unknowns. These technologies will undoubtedly connect our global community in ways that the traditional internet cannot.

OneRare will be able to generate a new understanding of cultures, cooking, agriculture, and consumption marketplaces by allowing users to interact with chefs and other people all over the world, while also allowing creators to take ownership of their own dishes.

By allowing users to price their creations as an NFT, this may validate the claim that cooking is an art form. The negative effects of NFTs on CO2 emissions, on the other hand, are very real. In order to avoid potential regression in our fight against the climate crisis, environmentally friendly alternatives must evolve at the same rate as metaverse spaces.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.