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George R.R. Martin and 17 Authors Sue OpenAI Over ChatGPT Copyright Violation
George R. R. Martin and John Grisham have jointly sued OpenAI, alleging that their copyrights were violated during the training...
14 hours ago

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Bluesky, the X alternative, saw record signups the following day of Elon Musk’s announcement to make his platform a subscription-only app. The X boss...
2 days ago
Are Users Shifting Towards Bluesky Following Musk's Hint of a Subscription-Only X App?
The world’s biggest retailer is all in on the metaverse, with multiple projects and products connected to the virtual realm. The strategy is to...
2 days ago
Walmart Pursuing Multiple Metaverse Shopping Experiences
In a significant development for the long-standing Mt. Gox saga, the Rehabilitation Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has officially extended the deadline for repaying creditors to...
2 days ago
Why Mt. Gox’s Massive Repayment Plan Just Got Pushed to 2024

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Meta Strikes Back With Defense of AI Training Against Copyright Claims
In a world where technology advances unprecedentedly, copyright issues are shifting to...
3 days ago
China to Form a Task Force to Set Standards for the Metaverse
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China will form...
4 days ago
Meta's Threads Block Searches for COVID, Vaccines, and Other 'Sensitive' Keywords
Threads, the social media app created by Meta to rival Twitter, is...
2 weeks ago

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