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Pictet Group and Bangkok Bank announced strategic alliance


To expand private banking services in Thailand, Pictet will bring its global expertise to Bangkok Bank in a strategic partnership. The bank’s clients will be able to invest in a wide range of asset classes across global markets.

pictet expands in thailand

Bangkok Bank and Pictet Group, a wealth management firm headquartered in Geneva, have announced today a strategic alliance. Thus, Pictet will provide Bangkok Bank’s private clients in Thailand with its expanded range of wealth management services.

Pictet and Bangkok Bank have already been able to collaborate successfully on several significant projects this year. Earlier this year, Bangkok Capital Asset Management Company Limited (BCAP), a subsidiary of Bangkok Bank, launched two funds, BCAP Global Multi Asset Fund and BCAP Global Multi Asset Plus Fund. Pictet is the investment advisor.

Additionally, Claude Haberer, who is currently equity partner and head of Pictet Wealth Management’s Asian operations, will take up the position of advisor to Bangkok Bank’s CEO in January 2022 after his retirement.

A strategic partnership.

“The products and services that Bankok Bank will develop under this alliance will enable to us to create more value”. (…) Furthermore, “More sophisticated solutions, and help preserve their wealth for future generations,” said Chartsiri Sophonpanich, Managing Director of Bangkok Bank.

Similarly, Renaud de Planta, Senior Partner of Pictet, welcomed the strategic alliance with Bangkok Bank. “We share the same ambition to introduce a new dimension of wealth management to Thailand and a strong, long-term and deep-rooted corporate culture,”.

For more than 30 years, Pictet has offered advice and support to private clients in Asia, one of the group’s priority markets.

“We want Bangkok Bank and its clients to be able to leverage the investment expertise we developed from our independence,”. “As well as our own experience in successions and capital transfers, with a focus on stability, continuity, and sustainability.”

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