Plein Sport steps in the metaverse

According to Philipp Plein, the revamped Plein Sport line will become the first fashion line that is “metaverse-native”.

Plein Sport


Guests couldn’t have expected that a humanoid robot called Romeo 1.0 would be the star of the night

Guests to the concert on Thursday night had no idea that Romeo 1.0, a humanoid robot with no clothes or accessories, would be the star of the show. “The metaverse does not necessarily relate to a certain sort of technology,” Romeo remarked inside a video-walled arena. “However, rather to a shifting interaction we have with the virtual environment as we seek to merge it with the actual one.”

Plein is building one of three buildings to house M.o.N.A., or Museum of NFT Art, where digital artists will be able to present their creative work. Following his $1.4 million purchase of Plein Plaza, a 176,528-square-foot tract of property in the Decentraland metaverse.

In terms of fashion, the brand is releasing a see-now-buy-now collection of ten shoe models, each with an NFT equivalent. The latter can be kept as a work of art or “burned” (metaverse slang for exchanged) into a digital garment to equip Decentraland’s avatars.

Getty Images for Plein Sport

Plein said that an auction facilitated by NFT auction house Portion. Which is also cooperating with Plein on art auctions, sold 11 shoes in under an hour.

On March 3, the firm will host a silent auction of NFT art, which includes the Lil Monsters Plein exhibited at the main line’s men’s show last month.

These shoes reflect the brand’s focus on sportswear and the company’s bold innovation. They have a tiger’s head encased in their hefty soles. Look book pictures showcased the entire collection. In addition, it includes athletic mainstays like as leopard-print jogging outfits, glistening puffers, and performance tracksuits.

When asked if Plein Sport might become an NFT-only fashion brand, the designer responded, “My business is to sell fashion; I’m not speculating on selling NFTs. However, we want to provide an extra value in the metaverse”. This, I believe, is the future of e-commerce and the internet, and it provides you with a superior purchasing experience.”

He speculated that Romeo would go on a wandering journey around Europe in 2022 with a pop-up-in-a-truck.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.