Pocket Worlds releases a metaverse ecosystem

Pocket Worlds is leveraging its eight years of market experience with the first-ever metaverse subnet. The venture announced Highrise World, a community-owned metaverse backed by a subnet.

Highrise World will offer users a virtual country with NFT functionality

Users will be able to access a virtual country with NFT capabilities, personalized land, and a decentralized marketplace through Highrise World. Customers build personalized MMO avatars, landscapes, and clothes on Highrise, which has over 2 million monthly active users.

In addition, the digital world builder sees around 50,000 goods traded every day. The enterprise decided to establish a subnet to accommodate the Web3 expansion because of the high level of user engagement. With the subnet, Highrise will combine its security, customizability, scale, and speed for unrivaled outcomes.

Anton Bernstein, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket Worlds, reacted on the current development. Highrise World, according to the CEO, is a true metaverse created by users. Highrise, according to Anton, envisions a future in which every community or brand has a Discord, Reddit, and Highrise presence.

According to Anton, Highrise will be a personalized interactive environment with a thriving economy based on digital products that will run on Avalanche’s network, the Highrise Blockchain.

With the latest update, Highrise will allow any user to create a metaverse community. In the long run, the digital nation will be made up of 160,000 land parcels, each of which can be used to construct a Highrise using the Highrise World Builder.

Subnets will provide Pocket Worlds with the infrastructure to evolve its in-game commerce amid its increasing Gross Domestic Product

Subnets will give Pocket Worlds with the infrastructure it needs to expand its in-game business as its GDP grows. Customers can only buy things from the game in the Web2 version of Highrise. The possibility to own the games will be available in future editions. Users will also be able to deploy NFTs and combine them with the inventions of other gamers.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.