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RegalX: The Future of Online Trading is Without YOU.

Robots are taking over, and they are the future of trading. Soon, AI Robots will be doing everything. The future of trading is now for AI and it doesn’t have you. The “robots” make it possible to automate the whole trading experience. You can buy and sell shares and manage all your accounts with minimal interactions a day. Stop constantly checking and worrying. Just let the robot do the work for you, it’s that simple. Traders, you can stop wasting time and start making profit with AI while you focus on the market itself.

The Platform

Inc 500 Magazine listed RegalX 20th out of a total of 600 companies. RegalX is easy to use, smooth operating, and powerful for both new and old traders. It gives investors with multi-instrument access. And it also offers forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, stock, and index CFDs. They also offer a wide range of services to all its users.

RegalX was made by award-winning Regal Assets. that was voted the first U.S. Gold IRA provider for 2012, 2013, and 2014. This award was given by the Consumers Choice Awards. It also won the Bullion Dealer of the Year award in 2015. From 2018 to 2020, has been consistently ranked first among global bullion dealers, worldwide. They are the first offshore bullion dealer.

Regal Assets’ CEO and CMO were appointed Forbes Council Members this year. With over $1 Billion of real gold in stockpile, Regal Assets provides their incredible and unique experience.

RegalX Strategies through the platform helping their clients enhance their portfolio performance. On, it has one of the best rating sets you could hope for, scoring quite high in all areas, including user experience, customer feedback, and platform style.

The Technology

This amazing technology was developed by AI AUTOTRADE, a company dedicated to deliver the next generation of wealth creation, where they developed AI Algorithm running in two models for RegalX, AI Discovery, currently live, yielding +15% annually and AI Pro -we were told it would be coming soon-, averaging 20-25% annually. AIAUTOTRADE Technology is a sophisticated and easy-to-use mechanism that is the foundation of the AI Trading Platform.

AI AUTOTRADE has developed machine learning algorithms, and partnered with RegalX to create a product that has been proven to be successful while reducing risk. Their algorithm automates trend observations, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis based on embedded advanced algorithms, neural networks, and risk intelligence, which mitigate risk and ensure profits – faster than humans could ever do it.

RegalX features a dazzling, but approachable range of premium trading services. These include AI AUTOTRADE, a unique Artificial Intelligence trading technology designed to provide bleeding edge strategies to investors. The AI technology (developed by AI AUTOTRADE), is netting traders, on average, 20% returns. We have been told this number will grow with lower risk, and safely.

RegalX allows you to monitor your trades and puts no limit on the number of trades you can perform. The edge that RegalX gives trades lies primarily in its AI technology and ease-of-use. The automated feature is never out of your control, and you can rest assured that zero errors have been observed in the AI matrix during the operation of the trades. Ten years ago, this technology was barely off the ground. Now, it’s taking over, and in another ten years you won’t recognize it.

The Background

Regal Assets is the very first trading platform to have been given cryptocurrency trading permission in the Middle East. The company has been storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies since 2017. They use their in-house cold-storage technology. Not only this, but Regal Assets’ has a partnership with Coinbase (a first in the IRA market for the latter).

For Forex trading, RegalX offers up to 50 currency pairs. Spreads on the platform are also tighter than most others in the competition. This is offered at a mere 0.6 pips as well. This allows investors to take advantage of the smallest changes across all available finance markets. All of this is offered with Meta Trader 4. Meta Trader 4 is the world’s most popular forex trading platform.

RegalX offers a wide and wide array of stock and index CFDs and CFD options. These are in almost all markets and sectors, with low margins for greater liquidity.

The AI Technology

It is Artificial Intelligence at its absolute best, and all of that groundbreaking innovation is brought to your hands through one of the most intuitive interfaces we’ve ever seen. AI AUTOTRADE is what’s behind this technology. They developed an AI Algorithm running in two models. AI Discovery which yields +15% annually and AI Pro -coming soon-, averaging +20% annually. The world we live in, especially the financial world, is interconnected, and AI is the future.

The AI Discovery model

Educational Resources

The RegalX platform also offers access to a library of resources. These include e-books, extensive videos, and tutorials to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. RegalX offers a demo account feature, allowing you to practice techniques and instruments before diving into the market.

A Great Trading Platform

RegalX is an unique, high security, and complete trading platform. It allows its users to conduct their trading activities well. The integration of automated trading, the wide range of products on all markets, and the many resources can all be accessed from a single account.

This platform is good for any trader who wishes to effectively develop his portfolio. If traders wish to achieve better performance, this is undoubtedly an advantage without comparison. Inc 500 Magazine listed RegalX 20th out of a total of 600 companies.

MetaNews has conducted a thorough review, and we highly recommend this platform, and our conclusion is: Robots are taking over, and they are the future of trading.


Billy Houghton

Billy Houghton is a top acclaimed and sought-after commodities futures trading expert. The expertise and in-depth level of analysis that is offered by Billy Houghton is what has managed to put him at the stage of being the top ranked author for MetaNews among multiple different categories. Throughout his career, Billy has specifically spent over three decades on Wall Street fine-tuning his skills, which included over two decades at a trading desk. In more recent times, specifically the last decade, Billy has been researching algorithms of AI in futures trading, and believes they are the future of trading.
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