Republic Realm invests in Dvision metaverse through the acquisition of their virtual LAND Plots

Dvision Network has announced about the cooperation with the Republic Realm, through the LAND NFT investment made by the latter. Republic Realm is the largest digital estate investment fund. Owing to the purchase of a colossal $4.3 million virtual property piece in Sandbox, which is a world record sale.

Republic Realm aims to invest in some of the most forward-thinking metaverses through LAND Acquisition. In addition it has acquired the most LAND Lots in Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Somnium Space, and Decentraland. Moreover it has now acquired the most LAND Lots in Dvision Network.

The Dvision Network is a multichain metaverse platform built on top of the Ethereum Network. In addition it connected to the BSC mainnet. The platform’s native cryptocurrency, DVI, provides users with utility and governance rights.

As a result, Dvision has been divided into three pillars: Meta-City, Meta-Space, and NFT Marketplace.

Republic Realm


Purchasing virtual property

Since the metaverse’s popularity exploded this year. Many businesses around the world have been attempting to make financially viable investments in this new digital frontier. It’s even possible to say that we’re on the verge of a global implementation of Web 3.0. Which would ostensibly revolutionize the current digital landscape and alter how we live.

Republic Realm has acquired 18 premium 33 LAND NFTs within Dvision Metaverse in order to be a part of this digital revolution. The current minimum value for these LANDs is around $40,000 per NFT. Meaning that Republic Realm possesses at least $700,000 in Dvision NFTs.

Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Sandbox, along with Dvision Metaverse are currently among the most well-known blockchain projects.

Dvision involvement grows

Dvision’s marketplace, as well as two other partner platforms, Binance NFT and NFTb, have already held a LAND SALE. According to the official statement, the LAND Lots were all sold out in a matter of minutes, with Binance NFT completing the transaction in a single second.

Additionally, the basic 11 LAND NFTs are currently trading at a 700 percent appreciation price on the secondary market Refinable.

All of the aforementioned data, as well as current metaverse tendencies, indicate that our world is likely to suffer a seismic transition sooner rather than later.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.