REVA tackles NFT industry challenges

REVA, a potential crypto start-up acquired by UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD for $50 million, started a mortgage auction business. The small company’s valuation swiftly hit $500 million after being acquired by UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD.

Silicon Valley-based REVA develops blockchain technology. REVA is the world’s #1 NFT art collecting platform. Since 2019, the business has led NFT auctions in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. Before choosing UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD, the company rejected various acquisition choices.

REVA is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD and will maintain its autonomy as UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION LTD’s NFT platform. The company strategic strategy is impressive, yet the NFT business direction is unknown. NFT mortgage auctions are a strong investment through 2022. REVA could be another NFT unicorn.

REVA, a veteran NFT expert, feels liquidity and price are only concentrated in high-quality goods of hot projects, and the broad NFT market has issues like lack of liquidity and distorted value. The company NFT mortgage auction business addresses market liquidity and price challenges. Moreover, it can explain asset valuation, alleviate pain spots, and provide liquidity.

REVA subverts asset trade restrictions. REVA’s NFT mortgage auction business allows holders to monetize NFT. Bitcoin’s new passive-income approach. NFT holders can auction their assets without selling or giving up ownership.

REVA spent a lot of money building a team of digital art, blockchain, NFT, and financial analysis experts to evaluate NFT

The company’s board of directors and core management team have acquired Viking’s world-class financiers, senior auctioneers, and artists to support REVA’s digital art NFT collection and auction business.

NFT-entrusted auction. The consumer trusts REVA to auction and cash NFTs. Moreover, REVA will rate the NFT collection based on auction data and expert appraisal team opinions and create a customer entrustment contract. Contract includes NFT mortgage protocol. NFT also has an auction guarantee protocol.

Third, auction guarantee is based on signed evaluation value. Customer, investor, and REVA split profit if final transaction price is higher than entrusted price. The difference between the purchase and auction price will be refunded.

REVA hosts mortgage auctions. The REVA platform accepts and commercializes customers’ NFT mortgage auction business. Investors choose REVA platform products to fundraise.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.