RottenVille NFT collection to drop soon

RottenVille is a high-resolution NFT project that actively adapts to the blockchain’s technological problems and developments. CabezaRota, a Colombian animation and design studio with more than ten years of experience, produced RottenVille. It’s made up of a creative group of artists, developers, and communicators who want to combine their diverse backgrounds together to create a one-of-a-kind project with worldwide repercussions.

RotenVille is a long-term project divided into three phases/collections

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, each with its own set of features and designs, provide an exclusive value to each Collection, complimenting one another to create a self-sustaining development ecosystem project that works hand in hand with the community.

Only the Alpha Rottten NFT from the Alpha phase collection is now available on the secondary market. The Beta phase’s mint value has yet to be determined.

The first installment is the ALPHA collection. This limited-edition collection includes 333 PFP NFTs, each with its own unique style in high-resolution 3D graphics. Furthermore, the BETA collection is now in progress and marks the start of RottenVerse. With a total of TBA NFTs, Rottens is a full-body post-apocalyptic aesthetic concept. The basis of this collection is an exploration game in the Beta phase.

Furthermore, the GAMMA collection is the project’s last phase. Within the RottenVerse, it’s the progression of the stages established, with a total of TBA NFTs called Lands. It will grant access to the multiplayer realm.

“We want to grow the RottenVille project and community together, with the goal of allowing everyone to explore the zones. For the following phases, the Holders of RottenVille are providing ideas and opinions. We believe that art has the ability to regulate itself.”

The Alpha phase’s rarity site is already up and running. Holders will be able to consult the qualities straight from the RottenVerse during the Beta period. Magic Eden already has the RottenVille Alpha Collection listed. Magic Eden has been contacted to deploy the Beta phase from their website.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.