Samsung pushes metaverse boundaries

Samsung Electronics Co. is speeding up its metaverse-related technology research and development in order to nurture its new growth engines, joining a growing list of global tech companies spending big on the new industry.

According to the sources, Samsung Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee recently discussed the matter with a number of employees and reaffirmed the company’s plan to launch “Samsung’s version of the metaverse.”

The term “metaverse” refers to a virtual world in which people interact with one another digitally. “Samsung’s version of the metaverse will be built. Please come up with a lot of ideas and help to make them a reality “Han was reported to have said.

It wasn’t the first time the CEO has mentioned the importance of delving into new technology, which is considered as the next big thing in the global tech business.

At the March annual shareholders’ meeting, Han chose the metaverse and robots as the tech giant’s new growth areas. He remarked at the time, “We will launch metaverse gadgets and solutions to enable customers to experience the new technology wherever they are.”

According to Samsung Research, the company’s Device eXperience (DX) unit is researching “next-generation display technologies and device prototypes,” as well as numerous application scenarios.

Samsung has also taken advantage of the metaverse for marketing and entertainment

At CES 2022, Samsung unveiled My House, a new online platform that allows customers to create their virtual homes with Samsung products.

The project was created in collaboration with Naver Z’s Zepeto, Asia’s largest metaverse platform, in order to broaden communication channels with young people who are comfortable creating virtual identities in the digital realm.

“Because household appliances are often large,” said Kwon Young-woong of the company’s global marketing center, “it’s tough to actually attempt placing them in users’ personal rooms.”

“Users will be able to have the unique experience of learning more about their preferences and customizing their spaces,” he continued.

“The metaverse allows us to go beyond physical and spatial boundaries to create unique virtual experiences that would not be possible otherwise,” said Michelle Crossan-Matos, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America’s corporate marketing communications team.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.