Super Vet is a new NFT metaverse game

Super Vet is the first-ever animal rescue 3D NFT based GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain. In this RPG & P2E game, there are super vets as main game characters that rescue animals in their respective missions possessing different specialties and equipment in the 4 tiers of the Super Vet World.

Players can earn exciting rewards by playing and completing missions.

The Super Vet brings together the worlds of NFT, DeFi, GameFi, players, artists, NFT enthusiasts, animal lovers, veterinarians, and developers into one ecosystem for them to enjoy and function as one community while playing the epic vet-themed game Play to Earn.

With the tokens’ utility, $SVET is the native, and $SCRY is the in-game, it follows a flexible tokenomics. In the future, the game will be developed to the point where players will be able to use oculus devices and create their own Superverse (Metaverse) avatar.

Super Vet is a fun and simple 3D P2E game that links players to their emotions. Super Vet Environment (SVW) is a vet-themed world where the main game characters, the super vets, rescue animals that are stuck, hurt, thirsty, hungry, pregnant, or in any other distressing scenario.

All super vets have the ability to detect sick animals and rush to their aid. Different animals screaming in various missions of various tiers necessitate different super vets with their various super-abilities and rescue instruments.

Superverse is the combination of the Super Vet GameFi and the Metaverse

The Superverse combines the Super Vet GameFi with the Metaverse. As you may be aware, the Super Vet universe is divided into four tiers: T1, T2, T3, and T4. T4 is the Metaverse’s brainchild, Superverse. Playing Super Vet in the metaverse will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It’s playable with Oculus Rift headsets, and players can use the Super Vet character on themselves. Characters would be available for gamers to choose from, depending on their preferences and budget.

However, users can create their own avatar as an animal-rescuing super vet persona, complete with their own name, face, and physique. Avatars are also NFTs, and they can be customized with NFTs like gadgets and costumes.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.