Superhero NFT Wars is a new NFT collection

Superhero NFT Wars, the first social and battle metaverse for all living NFT collections, is planned to begin on May 8, 2022. These Superhero NFTs will be required for engaging with all NFT ecosystems and joining the one-for-all SocialFi metaspace.

SNW-CB (Cardborg – The evolvable walking robots with wooden boxes attire) and SNW-X (TV Head X – The scarce walking cyborg as tributes to renowned celebrities, movie stars, or anime icons) are the two series in the NFT collection of the SocialFi Metaverse platform Superhero NFT Wars. They were co-founded by Starshaks, a major GameFi initiative, and have received seed funding from blockchain startups including PreAngel, GeekCartel, Betterverse, and others.

The project was developed by a team with an aim to make the SocialFi Metaspace the unified infrastructure that connects all NFT communities

Superhero NFT Wars was created by a group of ex-Google, Binance, Tencent, and Ubisoft employees with the goal of making the SocialFi Metaspace the central hub for all NFT communities. Guild and community gathering, dance ball, web3 governance, and an aggregator platform based on a 3D virtual environment are all part of the concept, which organically combines games, social networking, and financial services.

All NFT holders can display their robot-like suits and play immersive games in the Superhero NFT Wars interactive metaspace. In a web3 metaspace, play-to-earn minigames, gain EXP points, evolve, and share values and responsibilities.

Other advantages of hosting Superhero NFT Wars’ NFT include joining the unique SNW Discord group and the SNW Academy to win awards, receiving SNW game token airdrops, participating in customized game creation and development, and voting to establish and grow the SNW metaspace.

The project Superhero NFT Wars, which includes Superhero NFT Wars Cardborg and Superhero NFT Wars TV Head, is the first social and combat metaverse for all active NFT collections (SNW-X). The SNW SocialFi Metaspace intends to be the unified infrastructure that connects all NFT communities by providing platform-level social services that integrate social, cross-IP participation, community building, and value generating.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.