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Gaming News November 24, 2022

Swordship introduces exciting roguelike gameplay



Players can now get a better look at Swordship‘s core features and mechanics in a new developer commentary video that has been released for Thunderful and Digital Kingdom’s futuristic lightning-fast dodge’em up. On December 5, the frantic roguelike will be made available.

Ben, the lead artist, and Sandro, the game designer for Swordship, from Digital Kingdom, talk about what players can anticipate from the action-packed pursuit adventure. They talk about how Digital Kingdom intended to explore the fast-paced chase elements of action brands like James Bond and Fast & Furious right from the start of the project. The absence of offensive weapons is an essential component of swordship. In order to zigzag, dodge, and weave in and out of explosions, turn enemies’ assaults against them, and cause collisions at the last second, players must use their own talents, strategies, and elements surrounding them.

In order to give players a sense of the pursuit and a constant sense of being in the action, Digital Kingdom chose to develop the game using a reversed camera perspective. Due to Swordship’s roguelike structure, which allows various parts to interact with one another, each new run presents a new opportunity to learn something new.

On December 5th, 2022, Swordship will duck and weave onto PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and on December 6th, it will do the same onto Xbox

A collection of businesses known as Thunderful Group creates, publishes, invests in, and distributes video games, toys, and Nintendo goods. One of the two business divisions in the Thunderful Group, along with Thunderful Distribution, is Thunderful Games, which was founded in 2017. Through both organic growth and acquisitions, Thunderful Games has developed over the past several years into a multi-national company with eight development labs and more than 300 staff members. Thunderful Games also publishes a significant number of third-party games and makes investments in outside gaming projects in addition to its award-winning internal production pipeline.

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Jonathan Hobbs is an Australian investor and author that trades on a variety of asset classes, including currencies, equities, and commodities. Jonathan’s experience as a macro trader leverages his unique writing style to combine important elements, such as technical analysis and news.

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Gaming News

World of Tanks surprised fans with famous figures



Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich will collaborate on a film for the first time ever. In December, the World of Tanks franchise’s PC, mobile, and console players will be guided by Hollywood celebrities in Holiday Ops. World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Blitz, and World of Tanks Modern Armor are guaranteed to get heated up throughout the holiday season.

Milla Jovovich, an actress and Holiday Ops ambassador. “Costarring with the renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger is another first for me. He will be by my side as I lead players to a fantastic Holiday Village where we will give them special World of Tanks gifts.

“I had a fantastic experience with World of Tanks last year, so when I was invited to come back, I immediately said, “I’ll be back.” The event this year was going to be truly unique, and I was correct. It’s an honor to co-star with Milla Jovovich, who is great, for the first movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Holiday Ops ambassador, action actor, and tank owner,” continued, “The Holiday Ops rewards and challenges are even greater this season, and I get to combine two of my favorite things: the holidays and tanks!”

The blockbuster team will first meet the tankers in the garage, where they will issue tasks and quests

Players will get Arnie and Milla customisation items, including as tank skins, themed emblems, inscriptions, decals, and commanders, when they complete certain missions. The PC and console versions of World of Tanks will contain voiceovers from Milla and Arnold.

To obtain unique Arnie and Milla customizations and the opportunity to have both of the Holiday Ops action stars as tank commanders, tankers must complete a number of missions and quests. Resources will be a special event currency in Holiday Ops 2023. And gathering and investing in these resources will serve as the foundation for all festive activities.

In the forthcoming season, players can join “Team Arnold” or “Team Milla” and participate in the Holiday Ops event and hunts. By contributing to the team’s goal, they can earn incentives and points for personalized content and Holiday Ops customizations.


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Gaming News

Guns of Glory introduces new in-game content



Players will have access to a new storyline based on the tale of Louis XIII, the new challenger, and brand-new troops to train in two themed buildings: the Merc Dock and the Merc Arena, in the free-to-play epic mobile strategy game Guns of Glory, which is being developed by leading mobile game developer and publisher FunPlus and its KingsGroup studio. This DLC is titled “Tale of Twin Kings,” and it will be available starting today. All players with castle levels 30 and higher can now download the newest expansion pack for free.

The entirety of the Kingdom has descended into anarchy as a result of a new royal aspirant

The populace is uncertain as to which king should have their allegiance. Players may anticipate this new addition in these conditions, which will deliver an intriguing new plot via a new main story quest that will enable them to collect blue gems, a new reward that players can use to unlock and improve the troops available in the DLC.

These new troops are unlocked by means of a brand-new structure called the Merc Dock. Players in this new location have access to strong mercenaries with various ranks, like the Aerogunner, Mahout Lancer, and Steam Hoplite.

The Merc Arena, a brand-new structure that players can create in “Tale of Twin Kings,” allows them to conduct research to develop their new troops, transforming them into Tier 1 elite mercenaries. Players will be able to improve their mercenary-based attributes, such as attack, defense, health, and skill effects redeemed by blue gems, in this building in addition to unlocking new mercenary forces.

Players who complete the main story tasks in this expansion can find blue gems nearby their level 15 or above Sanctuary or Rallying Red Guard Camps at blue gem mines. Red gems, which may be found in red gem mines or by taking on level 35 threats, are also required to hire new mercenaries and boost their efficiency and capacity in the Merc Dock.

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Gaming News

The Game of Life 2 to launch on all platforms



The Game of Life 2, a sequel to Hasbro’s first life simulation game, will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Young players will be able to test their life decisions in a colorful, enjoyable 3D universe, bringing life lessons to consoles all around the world.

The Game of Life 2 is being released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S by Marmalade Game Studio, makers of renowned digital board games across all platforms. This beloved family favorite has amassed over 345 million views on YouTube and Twitch and has seen remarkable success on mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

The Game of Life 2 is the sequel to The Game of Life, a famous and enduring board game from Hasbro that has been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide in more than 50 nations. Young players may make decisions that correspond with well-known contemporary ideals thanks to new gameplay that revitalizes the original’s framework.

Players can postpone important decisions until later in the game thanks to an additional “crossroad moment”

As a result, events like attending college, getting hitched, or purchasing a home might occur at any stage of life. Additionally, if they have previously attended college, they can return, upgrade their skills, and change careers. Players may begin as video bloggers before enrolling in school and become licensed surgeons.

Young players have the opportunity to invest in themselves and their future with every turn. Each choice results in points being earned for wealth, happiness, or knowledge. Spending money on concert tickets will raise Happiness while investing in a term of study will boost Knowledge and purchasing a house will add to total wealth. The Spinner handles any unforeseen detours and turns, while The Game of Life 2 offers the options.

Cross-platform multiplayer is supported in all Marmalade Game Studio titles. As a result, gamers on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X may interact with friends who use mobile devices, personal computers, Nintendo Switches, and PlayStations. There are several modes, including Offline Single Player, Offline Local Multiplayer, Open Online Multiplayer, and Private Online Multiplayer.

The Game of Life 2 is one of a number of top-notch recreations of well-known Hasbro board games that Marmalade Game Studio has produced, along with Monopoly, Clue/Cluedo, Battleship, and the original The Game of Life.


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