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Tesla to Launch Humanoid Robot Prototype in 2022

Tesla held their AI day on Thursday. They hereby made a few announcements around new technology. The latest advancement in technology is their plans to launch a humanoid robot prototype. 

The robot’s function is to perform dangerous, repetitive, or monotonous work people prefer not to do. The bot prototype which is five foot eight inches in height will perform jobs like picking up groceries at stores and fastening car bolts with a wrench.

According to Musk, who addressed the labour shortage at Tesla’s AI Day event, the robot will have “profound implications for the economy”. And he notes that it’s critical not to make the bot be made economical.

Tesla is in the midst of a safety investigation into the safety of their autopilot systems. This was in multiple Tesla vehicle accidents which left one person dead and numerous others injured in different incidents. The Tesla cars collided with police cars and fire trucks which were stationary at the time.

Musk reiterated that he was assured of obtaining complete self-driving, higher safety than humans using in-car cameras and computers. He failed to comment about the investigations.

Furthermore, two US senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission to probe Tesla’s claims for its “Full Self-Driving” system.

Chip in the Dojo high-speed computer is another announcement at the event. This computer will be to develop its automated driving system. And this computer would be in operation from next year.

Tesla is unable to deliver on ‘big promises.’

Tesla’s Cybertruck launch has been a delay, and they have not issued a timeline for its availability to the market. At the event, Musk said they are to introduce new hardware for Cybertruck’s self-driving computer system.

Musk put under pressure regarding his announcements of advancements in technology. At the same time, there is no clear rollout plans. Questions raised as to whether they will make good on the robot project.

A professor of electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Raj Rajkumar, question whether the “Tesla Bot is the next dream shot to pump up the hype machine”.  To which Musk responded, “it would be more than ten years before a humanoid bot can go to a store and get groceries for you.”


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