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The Co-Human Experience, Brought to You by Roblox


The co-human experience, brought to you by Roblox. Building the future of virtual interactions is no easy project to embark on. Roblox has already done a lot of the leg work for us. They have basically sing-handedly built the virtual landscape called co-reality.

That’s their term for the fully interactive digital landscape within which we can all interact with one another. What they want is for all human activity to be instantiated, or available online and in a virtual setting.

From visiting with friends and family to gathering for a competition of some kind. Roblox may look like a child’s play thing, but the company itself is a far-reaching, ambitious company. They plan to get in on the ground floor of Metaverse as soon as possible.

This means their potential for growth could skyrocket any day now. Many investors have said that this is the opportunity we all need to take advantage of. Roblox went public only earlier this year, and their stocks went up significantly.

If they continue to lengthen that trend, we may yet see even more growth. Not only this, but their involvement with the Metaverse will likely contribute many new technologies and ideas. The way their founder and tech teams see it, there is only one way to go from here, and that’s up.

The growth of the Roblox company will now be tied to the growth and success of Meta, like many other companies. MetaNews is dedicated to bringing you the latest information on this developing landscape.


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