The Kodaz is a new NFT project

The Kodaz NFT project was constructed on the basis of a very particular ideology, which centered on the production of a more upbeat environment. They intend to accomplish this by regaining the value of pfp projects and providing a collection of 10,000 3D NFTs as their contribution.

The narrative of the project revolves around the Kodaz, a previously unknown community of spirits with the ability to bestow blessings on humans

The project features an art style that has never been seen before and is expertly crafted. Holders are able to connect with a community of people who share their perspective on the future of the world and the blockchain in general when they purchase one of these signature pieces and add it to their collection.

Kodaz is all about being proud of something and being able to flaunt it without feeling any sense of embarrassment or concern about its value or significance. Unquestionable reverence ought to be paid to outstanding works of art, and this is precisely the goal of the initiative.

Kodaz is all about restoring value back to the very fundamentals, and providing the very next high-value pfp project in the process. No more overpromising, no more under delivering. Value reduced to its simplest form.

“The Kodaz introduces the value of the fundamentals into the Metaverse and empowers the community with project utilities. We have launched our own Game and are giving away prizes in the form of both cash and non-fungible tokens. To propel us even further forward, we are working together with other projects that are both outstanding and successful. A piece of item will be provided to each and every bearer of an NFT in exchange for a discounted price.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.