The Shiba Coin Will Be the Next Crypto to Enter the Metaverse

The Shiba Coin Will Be the Next Crypto to Enter the Metaverse. One of the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies right now is Shiba Inu. This memecoin has been seeing growth since early 2021. The anticipation is that it may have an even better 2022. At least that’s what they’re hoping for.

Shiba Inu is earmarked to join the Metaverse. We’ve written previously on how digital currencies will be especially important to the Metaverse. The Shiba owners will initiate what’s called a planned burn to reduce the total number of coins in circulation. They are doing this to get ready for a new venture into the Metaverse, they say.


The reason this is significant is that they are one of the first to do anything like this. Granted, we have anticipated that digital currencies would be initiating changes for the coming digital revolution. But Shiba is making a lot of noise with this planned burn, especially among their investors.

We have also noticed that the memecoin is currently underperforming in the crypto world. So there may indeed be some sort of ulterior motive at play. But we won’t know for sure until more information is found. They say that they are working on other projects like decentralized gaming that they are pouring too much time into them. They need to reevaluate, apparently. MetaNews is highly motivated to stay on top of this particular story. The Shiba Coin Will Be the Next Crypto to Enter the Metaverse.


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