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These Three Differences Set Lucid Apart in EV


As the most prominent EV that is pure-play there can be inescapable evaluations to Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). That is especially true for Lucid, because the company had been created and is presently managed by former Tesla executives, additionally the entrant that is brand new also pursuing most of the exact same go-to-market strategies. Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson has framed competition in the EV market as being a technology competition. Listed below are three technology that is major that Lucid claims it has over Tesla.

Bi-directional asking
One standout function associated with forthcoming Lucid Air sedan is help that is prepared bi-directional charging, which will facilitate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) recharging.

Typically, when an EV runs away from juice, you must tow it towards the charger that is nearest since there’s no practical way to bring energy towards the automobile. Unlike a gasoline that is plastic, EV batteries often weigh around 1,000 pounds. To be able to charge an EV off another EV could possibly offer a more solution that is convenient an urgent situation situation.

These are crisis circumstances, the wintertime that is current that battered Texas have actually reminded every person of exactly how critical its to own access to electricity. The crisis underscored another possible use situation of having an enormous EV battery sitting in your garage even though many regarding the problems that plagued the Lone Star State’s electric grid are unique to Texas.

A Lucid Air owner will undoubtedly be in a position to power their whole house utilizing the vehicle’s high-voltage battery pack within a power outage. The feature is facilitated by way of a proprietary technology that Lucid calls a Wunderbox, the onboard product that is recharging.

It is worth noting that Tesla automobiles are theoretically capable of this — hackers and tinkerers have actually installed Teslas to power a true home– but that the organization has opted for not to officially help it for reasons unknown. In fact, utilizing a Tesla as being a energy that is fixed will explicitly void the vehicle’s warranty. Maybe Tesla simply prefers that individuals individually purchase Powerwalls alternatively, Meta News reported.

Higher efficiency
Few areas are because critical to an EV as efficiency, usually calculated either by watt hours per mile (Wh/mi) or miles per kilowatt hour (mi/kWh). Anything from charging rate to predicted range hinges on this critical metric. The greater the effectiveness, the longer range the car shall have together with more miles that it can add on while recharging.

Rawlinson has noted that consumers really and truly just care about the functionality of just how range that is a lot can add over some unit of time, maybe not exactly how many kWh they are placing into their automobile. Lucid claims that the Air is capable of over 4.5 mi/kWh, compared to around 4 Wh that is mi/k for Tesla Model S. Other rivals are below 3 mi/kWh.

Furthermore, greater efficiency allows an EV traveling a range that is certain a smaller battery power. Just how for the lower price tag for the EV itself with time with battery packages being the absolute most costly part of any EV by far, reducing how big is the pack required paves.

An inferior, more drive product that is powerful
Lucid has additionally made progress that is impressive miniaturizing its drive device, which consists of a permanent magnet motor, the power inverter, and a transmission. In doing so, the organization claims to truly have a dramatically greater ratio that is power-to-weight as measured by horsepower per kilogram (hp/kg). The Air’s drive device is far greater than competitors which are nearer to a ratio of 3 at 9 hp/kg. As the most prominent EV that is pure-play.

Whoever knows a Tesla drive device may notice that the 3.2 hp/kg in the chart above represents the EV that is dominant leader whilst the 3.1 hp/kg device seems to be General Motors‘ Chevy Bolt. Having a greater power-to-weight ratio also contributes to greater efficiency, while allowing Lucid to produce more room for any other components or even a more passenger compartment that is roomy. As the most prominent EV that is pure-play.


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