TMRW is a new European metaverse event

The conference intends to bring together the world’s most influential blockchain companies and professionals to demonstrate the disruptive blockchain technology’s cross-sector potential.

More than 2,500 attendees will learn about upcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency trends and advances firsthand from renowned worldwide leaders in the area, who best understand the evolving trends in DeFi, DAOs, the metaverse, and Web 3.0, over the course of three days.

NFTs have taken the world by storm over the last year

TMRW 2022 will examine the NFT space and engage with NFT project creators from around the world to discuss the revolutionary potential of NFTs, looking beyond the art and collectibles side and exploring some of the NFT market’s previously unanticipated use cases, alongside well-known speakers in the field.

In addition to NFTs, the conference will focus on the metaverse, which is now capturing the IT world’s imagination. TMRW 2022 will gather pioneers in the area to Belgrade to provide a greater knowledge of how the game-changing technology will impact the very future, and our daily lives, with the metaverse at the vanguard of the Web 3.0 internet evolution and the center of burgeoning crypto economies.

Speakers will explore the burgeoning digital real estate market in the metaverse, as well as the future of entertainment in the digital domain, to bridge these two disruptive developments.
The Future of Digital Economies is being discussed.
The fundamental phenomenology of money has been forced to be reconsidered by digitization. Computer scientists gave birth to digital coins, which caught economists entirely off guard.

Attendees at the TMRW 2022 Conference will discuss decentralized finance, the future of banking, and the evolution of the monetary system with fintech experts.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about the hot themes of digital identification and decentralization as a strategy for fighting censorship during the conference. The burgeoning “play-to-earn” economies, which were driven by blockchain development and permitted the merger of the fintech and gaming industries, will also be given special focus.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.