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Metaverse April 12, 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Metaverse Projects



If you have missed out early opportunities in the Metaverse to buy yourself that nice piece of land in Decentrraland or to become Snoop Doggs neighbour in the Sandbox. Below are five very high potential upcomimg metaverse projects:


1- Alterverese

Alterverse is both free to play and play to earn game using the UREAL ENGINE Technology. You can buy land. You can mint and sell your NFTs and you can do a whole lot more. Alterverse has currently two games in works REKT and FPS. More than 3000 players have already registered for this game. 

Sky City is the main theme of the Alterverse. Its a free to get into city with 17 large floating platforms called halo sphere. Sky City will have stores meeting spaces and shops for selling NFTs. 

The in game coin for the Alterverse is ACE. The ACE token is expected to go live in Q2 of 2022. You will need the engine wallet to own the ACE token. Alterverse is an “altcoinbuz” incubator project which has a good public team.

Alterverse has its own marketplace on ENGINE and you are also able buy land or skins in their NFT market place


2- Bit Country

Bit Country is a metaverse project for Polkadot and Kusama . Bit Country offers EVM compatibility. Land sales are already available in Bit Country. “NUUM” is token for Bit Country Metaverse. During the first sale, 80 million NUUM was sold from a total supply of 1 billion

Additionaly, “BIT” is the in game token and “NEER” is the pioneer Kusama listed token.

A total of 1000 partials of land for sale are available in Bit Country  metaverse.

Cross chain interoperability is a key component of the Bit Country Metaverse. Bit Country continues to attract massive investor attention and is something to watch out for.


3- Paxworld

Number three on the list is “Paxworld.” Paxworld’s main focus is on people “communication” in the metaverse. Communication between people within Metaverses has not been explored at this level and this characteristic is the key USP for Paxworld.. The Paxworld Metaverse won a huge award in AIBC Asia. To solidify their vision of communication in the Metaverse, Paxworld is also building a video/audio product to use in the Metaverse.

Paxworld were able to raise 5 million dollars in initial seed money. They had a huge demo day with more than 10000 attendees earlier this year in Switzerland. The whitelist for land sales is still going on. Paxworld boasts low hardware requirement to get into their world. 

PAXW is the BEP20 Paxworld token. One billion of total PAXW are available with only 40% for public sale. The IDO date is still not announced. 7.5 Million PAXW token will be available for sale during their upcoming IDO according to their white paper.

Keep your eyes open for othe Paxworld News.


4- Legion network

Tipped as a Metaverse super app, legion network will primarily be an NFT Marketplace.

LGX is the native Legion Network’s BEP 20 token. You can buy or stake the LGX token.

The LGX will have a supply of 1 billion  tokens, with initial circulating supply of 6 million. The sale that took place on the 31st of March was first come first serve and was a huge success.

The LGX tokenomics states 30% of total LGX tokens will be available to the community. All other LGX token holders accept the public launch have a minimum 6 month lock period and a 24 month vesting schedule.


5- Dropp

Dropp is a land based metaverse that runs on Solana. Dropp uses geo location and mapping to mirror real world locations. You can use augmented reality in this metaverse as well. The first concentration of land area for Dropp is LA. 

Within the  Dropp Metavers you can also buy land. On you purchased land, you can build a gallery to sell NFs, conduct meetings etc.

Total supply of the Dropp token is 500 Million with only 21% is available for public sale. 

The limited public sale of maximum 21% out of the total allocation is what stands out Dropp amongst the race for the best Metaverse.

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Justin N. Richards is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator, and trader. Justin began his career in Chicago in 2001 performing futures market analysis for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He also worked for numerous brokerage firms during that time, all of which hold him in high regard, and he has been providing outstanding analysis services for traders worldwide ever since. Mr. Richards is an expert in the area of market patterns, price and time analysis as it applies to futures, Forex, and stocks. In addition to these talents, he provides educational services for investors looking to improve their analysis and trade skills. Justin has a B.A. in Business Administration from UCLA and an M.S. in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Justin’s professional experience, education, and discipline, not only make him an exceptional analyst, they point him out as a reliable, hard working and intelligent business strategist who is dedicated to his craft.

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Elite Token unveils NFT drop and game



The NFT Drop and the beta version of the “Runiverse” were revealed today by Elite Token, the all-in-one crypto system for mobile, influencers, NFTs, metaverse, and Play2Earn. The new gaming platform is compatible with the most prominent metaverses, allowing users to compete in the crypto market.

The Runiverse is a gamified investment and play-to-earn platform

Users effectively conduct short trades in a fun application, betting cryptocurrencies against one another based on market performance between 30 second periods. The various cryptocurrencies are represented by “Runners,” NFT skins that compete with one another. You can either gamble on a cryptocurrency and receive a payout if it wins, or you can get a percentage of all the races won by the cryptocurrency that your NFT represents if you own a Runner NFT. Quickswap and Binance provide real-time oracle data for the game.

Celebrities such as Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian multimillionaire stock magnate turned DJ and co-founder of Elite Token, embody the NFT avatars that race in the name of crypto tokens. The P2E program from Elite has the potential to replace horse racing with crypto racing, and horses with celebrities.

Every competition is held on NFT “Tracks” using NFT skins known as “Runners.” Every time one of these NFTs is utilized as a Track or the Runner is chosen by a player, the owner is rewarded. The incentives are expected to be substantial, with annual revenues in the thousands of dollars. The litepaper contains further information on the concept, and people can try out the game in a beta on the Runiverse website. The beta allows players to earn real cryptocurrency starting today.

The Runiverse is a “double or nothing” game, with a $5 minimum bet and the chance to win the entire pot of $10, minus a 5% commission split among the owners of the NFTs involved. NFTs receive 5% of the overall prize pool in each game, while each Runner NFT receives 1% and each Track NFT receives 3%.

Elite Token’s early access white list NFT sale begins at 11:00 a.m. ET today, giving early birds the opportunity to acquire a special price and secure a limited edition “Winning Emotes” NFT before the public sale begins. The sale will begin with “Emote NFTs,” which will be offered in numerous rounds. These nonfunctional aesthetic NFTs will add special effects. The first set will feature a variety of dances as well as previously unreleased DJ soundtracks. The $ELITE token’s Emote dances are inspired by co-founder Gianluca’s renowned viral beach dance.

For MetaNews.

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Valentino Rossi engages in VR46 metaverse



In conjunction with Italian media holding organization The Hundred, Valentino Rossi has established the VR46 Metaverse, bolstering the VR46 brand in the rapidly growing digital and virtual world. The nine-time world champion’s new company is dedicated to creating and developing original and engaging content around the VR46 brand in the Metaverse, gaming universe, and NFTs ecosystem.

The world-famous VR46 brand will team up with The Hundred to create a strong virtual presence for “The Doctor” around the world, with a focus on racing fans and gamers

“Entering this big project is an exciting initiative that I’ve decided to take on with a structured approach, in conjunction with high-level players,” Rossi said in an article published by PR News Wire, expressing his excitement for his new virtual enterprise. He went on to say that with VR46 Metaverse, he hopes to connect with fans all across the world. “Through modern technologies, I am happy to be able to contact people all over the world, bringing them the excitement and enthusiasm of VR46.”

The project will take several years to complete, with the first materials due in 2022. The VR46 Metaverse’s goal is to create a global platform within the virtual space dedicated to “The Doctor,” the VR46 Racing Team, and the VR46 Academy, where Valentino Rossi fans, as well as all motorsports enthusiasts, can meet VR46 official riders, interact with fellow fans and enthusiasts, and even race against one another once the brand’s gaming initiatives are in place.

Jean Claude Ghinozzi, an accomplished global executive with experience at Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts, will lead the VR46 Metaverse project as CEO of the joint firm. The first material created by the new company, which is expected to be launched in 2022, will give immersive and engaging experiences to both Valentino Rossi’s long-time admirers and a new audience established by the introduction of new technologies.

For MetaNews.

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Cute Pandaz is set to disrupt the NFT world



Cute Pandaz is a generative collection of Pandas NFT with a range of colored backgrounds to choose from. Each individual Panda possesses anywhere from five to ten distinct characteristics, as well as its own color palette, which contributes to the animal’s distinctive physical look and personality. Following the debut of the game, Cute Pandaz NFTs will become playable characters in our pay-to-win game.

In addition to being an artistic endeavor, Cute Pandaz is also a video game

The Pandaz will have some sort of connection to a p2e game that is still in the planning phases at the moment. After the conclusion of the main sale, the first stage of the game, which focuses on farming, will be made available to players. The economic component will be centered on the $CuteCP usage token. In the future, holders will be able to provide their panda with food and care and watch it grow stronger. The Cute Pandaz Club is just getting started on what will be a very long adventure.

The actual gameplay is still in its preliminary stages at this point. Following the conclusion of the primary sale, the initial phase of the game will become available in the third quarter of 2022, and subsequent upgrades will include the addition of new features such as an in-game store, breeding, and a great deal more. Because the company wants to offer holders a product that is both high-quality and profitable, Cute Pandaz doesn’t want to rush things and instead wants to plan a drawn-out and secure development process in collaboration with the community. The third quarter of 2022 will see the introduction of primary game mechanics.

The ERC-721 protocol will be followed in terms of how Pandaz are distributed. The holders of these tokens will have the ability to trade them on platforms such as OpenSea. In addition, the limit for pre-sale purchases is presently set at 5 NFTs, while the maximum for public sale purchases is 20 NFTs per wallet. The release date of the coin will be disclosed shortly on their official social media.


For MetaNews.

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