Umbria lists new DeFi metaverse partners

Umbria Community is collaborating on numerous projects to make it easier for new users to join the Ethereum community. Umbria is enabling third parties and partners on Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Sensible Chain, Fantom, and Arbitrum to offer their communities the most affordable and frictionless alternative for moving assets between networks.

To provide the quickest and least expensive cross-chain bridging to an expanding audience, the protocol is working with a variety of initiatives, ranging from DEXes and DeFi aggregators to research platforms and NFT MMORPGs.

Anyone can easily bring the functionality and seamless bridging experience of Narni to their community thanks to Umbria’s bridge widget v2, which can be easily included into a project’s platform or website as an easy iframe.

Umbria’s referral program pays referrers 0.1 percent of each bridge transaction completed through the widget

Umbria is pleased to announce some of its latest partners. JamonSwap is a sophisticated DEX and DeFi ecosystem that is primarily based on Polygon. Customers can trade tokens instantly, earn passive income by providing liquidity, stake LP tokens to make money, and do a lot more.

On the Polygon Community, Crypto Raiders is a utility-based NFT Play-to-Earn RPG. Weekly dungeon raids are conducted by players for the purpose of leveling up and gathering equipment and loot. Crypto Raiders was listed among the top 10 NFT video games of 2022 by CoinGecko.

“With these partnerships, we’re bringing entire communities lightning-quick and inexpensive cross-chain transactions while streamlining the overly complex user experience; this improves customer movement and makes the world of cryptocurrencies, GameFi, and DeFi more accessible to a growing number of people,” said Barney Chambers, co-founder of Umbria Community.

With more chains, initiatives, and a referral program that provides associate initiatives with a lucrative new income stream, Umbria is expanding its reach throughout the region.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.