VAIV: From AI to the Metaverse

VAIV Company’s digital twin and metaverse businesses, which we mentioned at the beginning of the year, are delivering tangible results.

The firm is rapidly securing a solid position within its industry

Increased digital twin-related orders centered on Smart City projects, preparations for its own metaverse platform. In addition rising digital twin and metaverse business led by investment affiliates are all helping the company secure a strong place within its industry.

The investment appeal of VAIV Company is strong, thanks to positive performance in the metaverse and digital twin industries.



Although the company’s digital twin and metaverse companies share a similar orientation, they differ based on business divisions. Smart City projects are driving up demand for digital twins, with sales of more over W5 billion predicted next year. Meanwhile, next year, the metaverse division plans to create an ecosystem based on its own platform service.

Both VAIV Company and Egis anticipate synergies

As VAIV Company invested in Egis ( Korea’s most advanced 3D spatial information technology). In addition there will be synergies between VAIV Company’s digital twin company and Egis.

We also want to highlight the AI asset management business run by consolidated subsidiary Quantit, which is creating the Finter financial asset management platform.

Though there are several AI-based robo-advisor apps on the market, Quantit claims to separate itself by covering virtual currencies. Quantit’s RABIT will go on sale in Korea starting next year thanks to the launch of the Korean version of the product.

Quantit also intends to expand its discretionary investment capabilities by applying for a general investment adviser license. AI’s reputation is improving, and OPM is expected to climb as more projects are secured.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.