Veriff releases metaverse-focused identity verification solution

Veriff, a global identity verification provider has released a new suite of identity verification solutions built specifically for the metaverse. As the digital world quickly moves toward this new virtual reality, Veriff will be the only identity verification (IDV) solution provider with tools readily available to prioritize the safety of users in this new digital realm.



The metaverse market may reach $783.3 billion in 2024

In 2024, the metaverse market might be worth $783.3 billion. More than 2.7 times the value of simply gaming software, services, and advertising sales. As a result, digital trust and transparency are crucial for both company executives and common people.

Veriff is able to prevent more fraud than any other industry competitor thanks to its AI-powered, video-first approach. Secure IDV helps organizations to fully use the virtual world’s potential while also establishing trust with their customers.

In addition Veriff’s technology can detect bots and block accounts that have been sold. Allowing metaverse users to feel certain that they are engaging with actual individuals in the digital world. IDV also helps to combat online bullying by increasing user accountability.

Veriff technology helps to verify the identities of metaverse user

Veriff’s technology helps to verify the identities of metaverse users while also safeguarding underage users. Particularly young children, from unsuitable or age-restricted content or someone pretending to be someone else online. By adhering to an age-appropriate design code.

“We see more people enjoying the metaverse, particularly young people. And developing stronger digital trust at the outset of the journey will be critical to its overall success,” Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO, stated.

“Veriff has already launched first use cases with leading metaverse companies to assure safety on their platforms. As more metaverse-based organizations attempt to self-regulate this new digital world. To make the space more transparent and secure for all users, it is critical to invest in extra measures like as identity verification, which includes not only age verification but also parent and guardian verification.”

Use cases and benefits of Veriff’s metaverse identity verification solution include:

Veriff’s technology will protect users of all ages – notably children – by enabling automatic, age-appropriate virtual experiences and preventing criminal actors from invading the user’s digital realm, while developers struggle to implement adequate age-gating solutions in the virtual world.

Veriff can stop account duplicates and only enable honest users within the metaverse to use services, whether it’s a recurring offender or a campaign abuser.

Safe worldwide user scaling – With Veriff’s best-in-class user flow and document support of over 10,000 government IDs in 39 languages, Metaverse creators can onboard millions of people in seconds from all over the world on the first try.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.