Vertikal welcomes large NFT holders

Mat3 unveiled early features of Vertikal, a 115-story pentagon-shaped skyscraper hovering 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. Vertikal will be the world’s tallest metaverse and edifice.

Vertikal is a limited-supply Metaverse with private rooms and community levels for NFT collectors, digital artists, and digital art and culture organizations. Apes, Punks, Zukis, Birds, and other blue chip NFT holders join Vertikal.

“NFT collections can be seen via small crypto wallets, online marketplaces, or sophisticated 3D worlds with unsatisfactory community elements,” stated co-founder JP Dumas. “Collectors’ lack of involvement with their purchases supports the necessity for an experienced metaverse. Share, curate, flex, and enjoy NFTs and digital art. We’re bringing IRL’s curatorial delight to the metaverse.”

Vertikal was designed to promote and curate digital art and NFTs in private and public areas. Residents and guests will enjoy the Vertikal Dome, Observatory, Party Gardens, Ice Rink, and a Beach with an infinity waterfall. These will host public art commissions, artist residencies, cocktails, and galas. A pre-launch line-up of real-world and metaverse figures will be announced.

Vertikal prioritizes community. Each level of the project is a DAO. Each level’s residents can vote on the plaza’s art and event programming

“In the present metaverse, you often race through empty plots, become imprisoned in poorly-designed buildings, and enter purposeless spaces. Co-founder Louis Paschoud called it annoying and unfair to digital art and NFTs. “Vertikal community-first design draws inspiration from master artists, legendary architects, renowned city planners, and innovative art centers worldwide.”

New York’s selection honors both its real-world and NFT art scenes. Central Park was chosen for its proximity to Museum Mile, home to the Guggenheim, The Met, MoMA, and more.

Sky Mansions, Tycoon Pads, Penthouses, Lofts, and Hives are offered during the first round of pre-sales commencing. They vary in size, layout, amenities, altitude, and view over the Manhattan skyline.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.