VIEWPARK strengthens its entertainment metaverse

VIEWPARK X SOUNDPARK, the New York based global media company, announced a partnership with DeepMusic and DeepFilm to create Across the Metaverse, a music and film themed metaverse.


To kick off Across the Metaverse, VIEWPARK x SOUNDPARK will develop METAVERSE’S GOT GENIUS, the world’s first global metaverse television series. The series will be open to all music talent from across the world, with avatars competing for huge rewards like as a label and talent promotion deal with SOUNDPARK. Lord Joseph Clarke aka Capital LS, President of SOUNDPARK, will help curate talent for the series and produce the winning tracks.

Deepex, an IP exchange for music and soundtracks, For the Love of Music Fund to finance the acquisition of music IP, and THIRTEEN Auction House to auction off music-related IP such as album covers, costumes from musicals, sets from plays, and scores will all be included across the Metaverse.

Musicians, filmmakers, and fans will have the opportunity to acquire land and participate in virtual concerts

Musicians, filmmakers, and fans will be able to buy land and take part in virtual concerts, operas, musicals, film screenings, master seminars, and festivals, as well as work in film and music studios.

DEEPMUSIC’s Founder and CEO Rick Li-Kei Tsing adds, “We are honored to partner with VIEWPARK and SOUNDPARK.” “Their vast experience in the music and film sectors contributes enormously to our metaverse, and we are honored to collaborate with them both.”

Joseph Clarke of SOUNDPARK has some thoughts. “We believe that a metaverse dedicated to the music industry will be not only a fantastic destination to visit, but also an incredible method for musicians all over the world to find a community, begin careers, and share in the profits and ownership of their music.” For far too long, musicians have lost control over their own music and careers, making it difficult to connect with and actually engage with their audience without the help of a middleman. DeepMusic’s approach focuses on making a significant difference.”

“After 30 years in the film and music industries, we continue to explore for fresh ways to support and experience the arts,” says VIEWPARK’s creator. We are embracing the potential power of web 3 to reach more people, increase connectivity, drive more value for creators, and allow more access to fans, and we are embracing the potential power of web 3 to reach more people, increase connectivity, drive more value for creators, and allow more access to fans. Rick’s brilliance is in bringing everything together under one roof and providing producers and fans with a modern, elegant, and multi-dimensional approach to all things music and movies.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.