X2: The Next Power is a new metaverse game

Philadelphia native Coolaidhippy and resident Tethra64 have created a new video game called “X2: The Next Power.” The game is set to premiere at the upcoming METAVERSE concert here in Philadelphia at the Fillmore this April.

X2: The Next Power it’s an 8-bit 2D beat ‘em up fighter game, in an arcade style

What sets it apart in the crowded video game market is that it’s an 8-bit 2D arcade-style beat ’em up fighter game. In the 1980s and 1990s, arcade games were extremely popular. This game is also unique in that it is based on the music industry, which may be classified as underground, midstream, or mainstream. Music artists’ personal experiences are incorporated into the game and used as situations in the various stages.

Tethra64, the game’s co-creator, grew raised with music in his life as a result of his parents’ musical abilities. Video games, in particular, aided in the beginning of his musical career. “Just listening to such violent music while playing the game gives you a completely other sense,” Teth noted of Street Fighter III and earlier Playstation game soundtracks.

Coolaidhippy, one of the co-creators, got interested music through watching cartoons on television. “My music was a big inspiration for the game,” Cooly added. Coolaidhippy and Tethra64 began their musical careers separately before collaborating in 2017. The two quickly identified their own sound and got right to work. They collaborate on a wide range of music, including Hip-Hop, Blast, Trap, and more.

“X2: The Next Power” is based on Teth and Cooly’s experiences in the music industry. “Games have had a tremendous effect in my and Cooly’s lives,” Teth, the game’s co-creator, stated.

Making a video game is a big accomplishment for Cooly

Cooly has accomplished a great deal by creating a video game. Through what they do in Philadelphia, he hopes to create a new community. “Hopefully, this gives everyone the bravery to be like we can build a video game simply by being ourselves,” Cooly added.

At the METAVERSE concert, “X2: The Next Power” will be displayed for the first time. Teth64, Coolaidhippy, Viberium, DazeGxd, G I N A, Jewelssea, Pumpfake, and Keenanfromlimbo will play during the concert, which will also be a costume party. The game will be demonstrated by Cooly and Teth. Guests will have the opportunity to play it and even compete in a competition.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.