YGG SEA is set to open metaverse for the Southeast Asia market

Guild Games Yield Southeast Asia, often known as YGG SEA, is the ecosystem built for the Yield Guild Games. Moreover is the first of its kind subDAO.

With the purpose of creating Southeast Asia’s largest and most sustainable play-to-earn (P2E) virtual economy. The YGG SEA DAO is in charge of purchasing and maintaining non-fungible tokens that then have use in the Metaverse. There are over 700 million people in Southeast Asia who are eager to join the Metaverse.



Guild Games Yield Southeast Asia is keen on investing locally and expanding locally within the Southeast Asian region

YGG SEA is interested in investing and expanding locally in Southeast Asia. In addition with the advantage of being the first to enter the market and working with a well-known and trusted brand. Since they are entering new Southeast Asian markets with local operations to better serve the Southeast Asian community, YGG SEA intends to build on and localize YGG’s outstanding accomplishments in the existing market of P2E similar to the Philippines.

YGG SEA has decreased the expensive upfront fees associated with participation in P2E games and now provides premium in-game NFT assets to its members, allowing them to avoid rising NFT prices. In exchange for their in-game efforts, all YGG guild members can receive an industry-leading 70% of their prize. In some impoverished countries, in-game revenues may outweigh the salaries of specific sectors.

Through the P2E game Axie Infinity earlier this year, several Filipino gamers are earning more than their monthly minimum income. Based on the current SLP price, this potential for extra income could be a lifeline for emerging countries.

YGG SEA is a subDAO that specializes and localizes its economy within the broader YGG economy. The value of a DAO comes from the ability of the community to expand its ownership over time. Additionaly allowing members to run an organization within an organization.

The vision of YGG SEA

YGG SEA’s mission is to promote access while also providing specialist help throughout Southeast Asia. Since the area is on the verge of exploding into the Metaverse via skill, hard effort, and persistence, YGG SEA wants to ensure that these chances are open to everyone.

*YGG SEA expanded its P2E game network to the Southeast Asia community by forming a partnership with NFT Asset and Treasury Management.

  • Incubation and Investment- By accessing the most up-to-date gaming laws, it will aid in the knowledge of Southeast Asia by allowing developers to create titles in regional languages.
  • YGG SEA will customize team support for each country in order to help people get into crypto finance worldwide.
  • Creditworthiness and Mobility — YGG SEA will focus on improving itself by reflecting community requests through local collaborations. Additionally, combining their online reputations and success with their real-world financial stability and mobility.
Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.