Day: December 7, 2022

Metaverse Investing: Tokens or Stocks?

The metaverse is currently a hot topic, and with good reason. It is expected to grow by up to 48% per year until 2029, making it a highly lucrative sector to invest in. As a result, businesses in social networking,

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Apple Chips Now Made in America

Apple will soon start to use processors made in America following the opening of an advanced new chip factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Its opening was attended by President Joe Biden and Apple CEO Tim Cook. The factory, which is being

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Europe and AI

Campaigners Urge AI Act to Go Much Further

The EU is edging closer to passing an act that will minimize the potential harms of artificial intelligence (AI), but not everyone is happy with the bill in its current form. Access Now is one body that has expressed concerns.

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Each New Technology Has Its Bomb-Making Period

OpenAI’s newly released, GPT-3, the cool and impressive AI that writes proficient poetry and rhymes, can also give comprehensive instructions on how to¬†successfully shoplift and make a bomb, if you tell it to be unethical. Reminiscing over early internet times,

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