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Crypto Bigwigs Attend Token2049 Dubai in Droves Despite Raging Floods 
The annual Token2049 crypto conference in Dubai continued as planned this week, even as heavy rains swept through the United...
2 days ago

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When the Humane AI Pin first came out, it attracted a lot of attention due to its awesomeness. It is an artificial intelligence (AI)...
3 days ago
Limitless AI Pendant Builds Upon the Mistakes of the Human AI Pin
The esports industry is rebounding in 2024 after a challenging year in 2023, as some brands and advertisers are returning.  Even though it seems...
4 days ago
How Esports Organizations Are Preparing for Esports Winter
The UK will criminalize the creation of sexually explicit deepfake images under a new law that aims to protect people against non-consensual AI-generated pornographic...
4 days ago
UK Criminalizes Creating AI Deepfake Porn Under New Law 

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EU Metaverse Funds Hit $1 Billion as AI Hype Fuels Growth
European metaverse funds have witnessed an unprecedented surge in assets due to...
1 week ago
Meta Brings Major AI Upgrade to its Ray Ban Glasses
Meta is integrating its upcoming next generation AI model Llama 3 into...
Product Watch
1 week ago
New L1 Blockchain Looks to Boost Scalability and Speed in Metaverse  
Somnia Network, a layer one (L1) blockchain on Ethereum that connects metaverses,...
2 weeks ago

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New X Users Will Have to Pay to Post, Says Elon Musk
Tech billionaire and X platform owner Elon Musk has announced new users...
5 days ago
Firefly Training Included Rivals’ AI Images
Adobe made users believe it used entirely its own image stock to...
5 days ago
How to Produce Training Videos to Get Cash from AI
Adobe will pay creators up to $120 for short video clips of...
5 days ago
SAG-AFTRA Approves Deal Curbing AI in Music Production
SAG-AFTRA secures deals with major record labels to limit AI use, ensuring...
6 days ago
Gen AI Music Hits 20% Success Rate in Commercial Briefs
Currently, 20% of music created by generative AI (gen AI) is accurate...
6 days ago
The $700 Humane Ai Pin is 'Unfinished and Totally Broken'
The idea of the Ai Pin, a wearable device built to work...
7 days ago

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