BlockShow Founder Launches Forked, Backed by Five Asian Powerhouses

BlockShow Founder Launches Forked, Backed by Five Asian Powerhouses

HONG KONG, April 11 2024 – FORKED, the latest brainchild of Addy Creeze, Founder and former CEO of Cointelegraph’s BlockShow, renowned for his pioneering work in the blockchain space, emerges as a catalyst hub for web3 founders after Creeze’s departure from BlockShow.

Inspired by Ethereum’s historic hard fork in 2016, the FORKED conference emerged after unforeseen circumstances and  symbolizes resilience, ingenuity, and the unwavering commitment of founders in overcoming challenges. The event is scheduled for May 8-9 in Hong Kong.

Building upon the hard work and accomplishments to date, FORKED brings together the same passionate team that has consistently driven BlockShow’s success,  Ensuring that the spirit and ambitions that have characterized past events continue to thrive.

Scheduled for May 8-9 in Hong Kong, FORKED is designed as a platform to assist top founders in the space at a rapid and critical stage of their growth. The event achieves this through launching products, raising funds, sharing untold stories of success and setbacks on stage, participating in hackathons, acquiring developers and exchanging experiences with other pioneering entrepreneurs in attendance.

FORKED and the Powerhouse Five: Forge New Web3 Frontiers

The introduction of FORKED  marks a fresh start as Highstreet joins as co-host, and with ARC Community, AngelHack, Coinhako, and QCP as strategic partners. This collaborative effort aims to provide a dynamic environment where web3 founders can connect, explore, and capitalize on numerous opportunities.

ARC is Asia’s most curated community in Web3, enabled by NFTs as proof of membership. With a diverse collective of contribution-minded members coming together to pool resources and networks, we are able to unlock access, value and opportunities for our members. ARC’s long-term vision is to be at the frontier of pushing the Web3 space in Asia forward through collective value creation.

AngelHack is a global leader in developer relations and hackathons. Founded 12 years ago, through organizing developer hackathons, today it boasts one of the world’s largest developer communities, a vibrant community of over 300,000 developers across 100 different cities worldwide, facilitating innovative tech solutions for more than 300 leading organizations and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for developers.

Coinhako is the most trusted crypto exchange and wallet in Singapore. Established in 2014, it was founded with the mission to create a simple and hassle-free way to access Bitcoin. In 2022, Coinhako was granted the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) official approval for a Major Payment Institution (“MPI”) license and has introduced its institutional arm to provide access to digital assets and structured products to the global institutional market.

QCP,  established in 2017,  is one of the first digital asset trading firms in Singapore, with a vision to partner the next generation of investors to unlock institutional opportunities in digital assets.

QCP brings to clients deep expertise gained from thriving through multiple market cycles.  A global market maker in digital asset derivatives with a vast network of liquidity providers and counterparties, QCP is shaping the future of digital asset markets through greater access and efficiency.

They offer a range of tailored derivatives and spot trading as well as structured solutions to institutional, professional and accredited investors.

Highstreet is a cutting-edge commerce-centered metaverse, merging shopping with gaming to create an immersive experience. With cosmetics from top brands and the ability to craft NFTs for gameplay, it’s revolutionizing virtual worlds. Backed by industry giants like Binance Labs, Highstreet’s expansion through brand partnerships offers players an exciting journey into the future of gaming and commerce.

Powerful Duo: Rug Radio and Decrypt join as media co-hosts

Rug Radio and Decrypt have teamed up as media co-hosts for FORKED, spreading the word far and wide. Together, they will not only enhance the event experience but also delve deeper into conference insights and outcomes, providing invaluable coverage and analysis.

Rug Radio stands as the trailblazing beacon of decentralized media in the Web3 realm, pioneering since its inception in 2021. Collaborating with hundreds of projects, Rug Radio elevates messaging and cultivates vibrant communities.

Decrypt emerges as the cutting-edge frontier in media, seamlessly blending culture and technology at the nexus of AI and Web3, defining the next era of information dissemination.

What is FORKED?

FORKED, a Web3 founder-focused event, will be held across two venues, Soho House and Cyberport, in Hong Kong on May 8-9, 2024. The event offers a comprehensive program, including a 48-hour multichain hackathon at Cyberport, accompanied by a pitch competition offering up to $50,000 in bounties. On May 8th, Soho House will host exciting product launches, untold founder stories, and panel discussions featuring cutting-edge projects. This event is the premier destination for those seeking funding and support for their Web3 projects, as well as an opportunity to meet industry leaders and gain insights from discussions on stage.

Addy Crezee’s events welcomed numerous thought leaders, including Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, the Winklevoss twins of Gemini, CZ from Binance, and Yat Siu of Animoca Brands. Iconic figures such as Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, investment titan Tim Draper, and research leader Thomas Lee have also graced its stages.

The organizers are expecting up to 1,000 handpicked attendees, including founders, VCs, executives, influencers, developers and media. Admission is exclusively through approved applications, with tickets provided upon acceptance.

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