5,000 Students To Receive AI Training From SDAIA In March

The fifth batch of “Future Intelligence Programmers” is now accepting applications. The main objective of the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) is to train 30,000 students in total; five thousand of them will receive their training in Saudi Arabia.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) has announced the commencement of registration for the online training program called the Future Intelligence Programmer Program. The program will commence remotely in March of this year.

By providing participants with specialized training that aligns with the most recent international standards, the program aims to improve their skills and familiarize them with the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI).

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The SDAIA Initiative

The program includes 25 hours of training spread over 10 days, with two-and-a-half-hour sessions each day.

According to SDAIA, students can register for the program and earn certificates recognized by the authority and the Ministry of Education until Feb. 29.

The curriculum is concurrently offered in both Arabic and English and covers a range of subjects, including artificial intelligence, smart car programming, machine learning, and computer vision.

This initiative’s goal, as a result, is not just about imparting knowledge but also developing a workforce that is prepared for the future and can lead the Kingdom towards its digital destiny.

Leveraging AI for a Sustainable Future

Artificial intelligence is significant in building a sustainable future, and this extends beyond economic growth and technological advancement. Moreover, it is essential for managing resources, protecting the environment, and ensuring sustainability.

Additionally, using AI to assess and manage projects’ environmental impacts is essential, as demonstrated by the Saudi Green Initiative and similar endeavors. In addition, a report presented at the World Government Summit emphasized how AI can revolutionize several industries, from governance to environmental protection.

Significantly, the Arab world has made giant strides in digital transformation, with GCC countries and other Arab nations leading the way. These developments consequently showcase the importance of AI in fostering economic growth and sustainability.

The Journey Toward AI Dominance

AI dominance requires more than just technological infrastructure. National talent and skills need to be developed as well. The commitment of the kingdom to form AI specialists is reflected in the initiative called ‘Future Intelligence Programmers’.

This initiative is not only a knowledge-based program but a deliberate measure to position Saudi Arabia on the top chart of the AI world race. To create a bright future in which AI and sustainability meet, the kingdom is funding the youth to gain from them the required skills and knowledge.


Saudi Data & AI Authority (SDAIA) is the kingdom’s competent authority concerned with data and AI, including big data. In addition to having original competency in all areas pertaining to operation, research, and innovation in the field of data and AI, SDAIA is the national reference in all things pertaining to the organization, development, and handling of data and AI.

The broad vision of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, the Chairman, gave birth to establishing SDAIA and launching the National Strategy for Data and AI. He, in addition, believes in the value of data and artificial intelligence as an important economic resource for the Kingdom to achieve its Vision 2030.

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