AI Integration Helps Microsoft Bing Cross 100 Million Daily Active Users

AI Integration Helps Microsoft Bing Cross 100 Million Daily Active Users

Bing’s daily active users crossed the 100 million mark within a month of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the search engine platform, according to a recent Microsoft statement.

According to the firm, one-third of these users are new to Bing and were drawn by ChatGPT’s humanlike responses to Bing search queries. The firm added that its search result quality has also improved with the introduction of the Prometheus model.

Microsoft wrote that recent growth validated its view that “search” was due for a reinvention. The firm said its “unique value proposition of combining Search + Answers + Chat + Creation in one experience” has brought a new appeal to Bing.

Bing’s growth is similar to that of ChatGPT. The AI technology rapidly gained 100 million monthly users less than two months after its launch.

Bing numbers pale against Google 

While Microsoft is rightly celebrating its new Bing milestone, the technology firm is still miles behind the dominant player in the field, Google. The Alphabet-owned company has over 1 billion daily active users and processes more than 8.5 billion searches a day.

Microsoft’s Head of Consumer Marketing, Yusuf Mehdi, acknowledged that its number was smaller than its biggest competition. However, Mehdi said the numbers Bing pulled within a month were a “surprisingly notable figure.”

The firm believes it could close the gap by introducing new features to draw more users to its platform. Microsoft’s CVP of Finance, Philippe Ockenden, added that Bing’s growth provided the technology firm with a $2 billion revenue opportunity.

Meanwhile, Google’s release of its own Generative AI – Bard – was fraught with controversies as the AI gave wrong answers during its demo launch. At the time, this resulted in a massive loss for Google.

Since then, the company has embarked on several processes to improve its AI, including employee product testing.

What’s next for Microsoft?

Following its success with Bing, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into several products. Media reports have revealed that the tech giant has introduced the AI Chatbot to more developer tools like Azure. The firm also integrated it into products like GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva Sales.

The AI is designed to improve users’ experience with each product and offer them a chance to improve their productivity.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s plans for its AI remain unclear. However, the company is going all-out in its competition against Google. The firm has spent hundreds of millions on improving ChatGPT AI.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and the Head of Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro, will host an event on March 16 to discuss “reinventing productivity with AI.”

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