Akyllers joins the metaverse with NFT

The Akyllers is the newest craze to be hitting the NFT space right now, and is sure to give all other NFT projects in the space a run for their Ethereum.

Akyllers is a collection of 4,444 unique NFTs

Akyllers is a collection of 4,444 distinct NFTs hosted on ipfs and recorded as ERC-1155 on the Ethereum blockchain. It was designed by Akalabs, inc., a US-based studio, in partnership with Lariça.eth [Larissa Chaoul], a well-known worldwide painter, and Rami Alameh [Rami Alame], the founder of Lexyom, inc., a Fortune 500 startup firm.

With over 600+ hand-drawn qualities, each Akyllers NFT follows in the tradition of certain NFTs being uncommon and precious works of collecting art. Each token is one-of-a-kind, and it grants access to planet Akylla, the Akyllers’ brand, and the utilities that will follow, culminating in the metaverse’s first play-to-learn-to-earn game.

Holders will have exclusive rights to their avatars’ intellectual property and commercial usage, raising the value of this ground-breaking collection.

Akyllers are a sub-race of humans

Akyllers are a human sub-species, a warrior race unlike any other, with boundless abilities and potential, and near-death experiences only serve to strengthen them! When the earth turns radioactive after being hit by a meteor in 2050, their race separated from ours.

The majority of individuals on Earth perish, and only those with the lowest IQs live owing to a unique genetic shielding mechanism. The survivors of this extinction-level catastrophe, known as Akyllers, would board a starship and travel through space until they reach planet Akylla, where they will populate the world. Civilization was restored, and development and progress reached the same level as humans in the 1980s.

Lord Medlar, the self-proclaimed king of Akylla, brings one thing with him from Earth: a desire to develop brands, despite the fact that his terrestrial occupation is unknown to most.

In conclusion, Akyllers, led by Rami Alame, appear to be establishing a strong brand for themselves, and are increasingly becoming an NFT blue chip that should not be overlooked. Check out and follow their social media accounts below, and join their discord for the most up-to-date information and announcements.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.