Biden-Harris Administration Sets AI Agenda Following Presidential Directive

Biden-Harris Administration Sets AI Agenda Following Presidential Directive

Following President Biden’s Executive Order, the Biden-Harris administration has made key strides in positioning America at the forefront of artificial intelligence modernization and safety.

The recent actions taken by the administration are a clear reaction to the order issued three months ago, highlighting a focus on channeling the aptitude of AI while also dealing with its associated risks.

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Ensuring AI safety and security

The administration has prioritized managing AI’s safety and security risks, as outlined in the Executive Order’s 90-day plan. This initiative led to key developments, including the application of the Defense Production Act.

This act enables the Department of Commerce to require developers of advanced AI systems to disclose crucial safety test results. Furthermore, the Department of Commerce has proposed a rule that would oblige U.S. cloud companies to report when foreign clients utilize their services for AI training, aiming to oversee potential harmful activities.

In parallel, detailed risk assessments across every critical infrastructure sector have been conducted. Departments including Defense, Health, and Human Services have been instrumental in delivering their analyses to Homeland Security. Such evaluations are key to safely incorporating AI into critical societal areas like healthcare and transportation.

Fostering AI modernization and talent

The administration’s efforts extend beyond risk management, cultivating AI innovation and expertise. A landmark initiative in this domain is the debut of the National AI Research Resource pilot. Managed by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), this program aims to democratize access to AI research resources, involving the teamwork of over 36 federal, private, and philanthropic partners. This endeavor represents a major step toward establishing a national infrastructure for AI development, offering researchers and students essential tools like computing power, data, and AI models.

Complementing these efforts is the AI Talent Surge, a campaign to boost AI professional hiring across the federal government. Mobilized by the AI and Tech Talent Task Force, this surge includes substantial hiring action for data scientists and leverages flexible hiring authorities granted by the Office of Personnel Management. This program is crucial in ensuring the government’s capability to undertake high-priority AI projects.

Another critical component is the EducateAI initiative, designed to enhance AI education from K–12 to undergraduate levels. By funding educators and prioritizing AI-related workforce development, this initiative aims to ensure inclusive and high-quality AI educational opportunities.

Accelerating healthcare innovation with AI

The administration has also placed a strong emphasis on healthcare innovation through AI. The establishment of an AI Task Force at the Department of Health and Human Services is a testament to this focus. This Task Force is developing policies to provide regulatory clarity and foster AI improvement in healthcare.

Its objectives include developing methods to evaluate AI-enabled tools and creating frameworks for AI’s use in advancing drug development, public health, and healthcare delivery. One of the Task Force’s first actions was to publish guiding principles to address racial biases in healthcare algorithms.

As the Biden-Harris administration continues to implement its AI strategy, a pivotal question arises: How will these sweeping actions reshape America’s technological terrain and its global standing in AI progress and safety? The administration’s diverse approach, balancing progress with risk management, sets an example in the international AI arena, positioning the United States for the advancement of this quickly growing field.

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