Bit.Country launches new metaverse project

With the upcoming launch of Alpha Testnet, Bit.Country, one of the most anticipated metaverse projects set to launch before the end of the year, has moved a step closer to that goal.

The launch of Alpha Testnet is remarkable for Bit.developers’ Country’s faith in their community to help them test the technology, which will allow anyone to create their own metaverse

Bit.Country wants to set itself apart from established metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox by allowing anyone to design and build their own virtual world, replete with maps, games, stores, tokenomics, and governance. Bit.Country is based on Metaverse.Network, a blockchain-based Web3 infrastructure platform built with the Substrate framework and powered by the Polkadot network.

Users can create their own virtual worlds on Bit.Country, which has a cryptocurrency-based economy that pays everyone who visits and spends time in their metaverse. Brands will be able to create their own metaverses or launch decentralized apps within someone else’s metaverses to advertise their own products and services, in addition to individuals.

Bit.Country is focused on its community of over 40,000 members and providing them with the metaverse platform they desire, so inviting a small group of users, known as “evangelists,” to try out the platform’s initial launch makes perfect sense. The evangelists who began testing the platform on April 21 have reported “phenomenal engagement,” according to Bit.Country.

The Bit.Country Metaverse Network team noted, “Simplicity and user control functionality are regularly mentioned in favorable responses.” “The most talked about feature in Sandpit is the ability to customize avatars with wearables and create structures.”

The rollout will come after a slew of big platform changes, including the addition of the new Bunker function. According to the company, it will be a personal place where users can learn how to build with blocks, assets, and NFTs.

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