Bitboy’s ‘Unhinged’ Meltdown Leads to Live Arrest on YouTube

Bitboy’s ‘Unhinged’ Meltdown Leads to Live Arrest on YouTube

Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto) was arrested earlier this week following an ‘unhinged’ rant outside the home of former employee Carlos Diaz. Armstrong accused Diaz of threatening his life, of ties to the ‘black mafia,’ and of stealing his Lamborghini.

Armstrong livestreamed the 37-minute-long diatribe to YouTube, which concluded with his apprehension. The YouTube influencer was released on a $2,600 bail bond.

YouTube star arrested

Ben Armstrong is facing charges of “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by placing another in fear” after journeying to the home of his former employee Carlos Diaz.

In a garbled video, the troubled YouTube creator rattled off a long list of complaints against Diaz, including links to what Armstrong named the black mafia. Armstrong’s erratic behavior prompted internet detective Coffeezilla to brand him ‘unhinged.’

Armstrong wanted Diaz and the audience to know he had no fear of Diaz, but he immediately contradicted himself.

“I have legitimately been scared for my life for weeks,” said Armstrong, who claims that Diaz made death threats against him.

Armstrong promptly changed his mind, suggesting he was ready to die on livestream.

“If Carlos Diaz comes out of this house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just going to have to be what it’s going to be,” he said. “I’m not scared anymore.”

During the broadcast, Armstrong appeared deeply confused about his own emotional state, contradicting himself several times, perhaps with an eye on future civil proceedings.

In 2022, Bitboy Crypto made a legal filing against YouTube influencer Atozy. Atozy accused Armstrong of being a “dirbag influencer” who defrauded his own fans. The court document against Atozy cited Armstrong’s “fragile” emotional state as part of its argument. Armstrong lost the case.

The influencer is currently suing Timothy “TJ” Shedd Jr. and his father, Timothy Shedd Sr., for control of Hit Network, the media company he founded in 2018. Armstrong says that Diaz is not a direct employee but “their [investment] guy.”

Employees forced Armstrong out last month following allegations of physical abuse and drug addiction. 

Bizarre claims from Bitboy

It took just over twenty minutes of ranting outside Carlos Diaz’s house to land Ben Armstrong in jail.

Armstrong was especially agitated about the loss of his Lamborghini, which he claimed was stolen and parked in Diaz’s garage.

“Carlos Diaz, the man who has my Lamborghini, the man who extorted me for my Lamborghini, the man who death-threated [sic] me to my Lamborghini,” said Armstrong.

It is unclear what Armstrong meant by this.

Armstrong then went on to claim that Diaz had used the black mafia to fix betting on sporting events, including the NFL.

“Charles Grant—apparently, Carlos told me that on the last day of the season, before you got your big contract, that Carlos paid off with the mafia, one of the offensive linemen for the Jacksonville Jaguars,” said Armstrong. “They had leverage, and they extorted him as well.”

Sports fans with knowledge of the matter immediately contradicted this version of events.

Armstrong didn’t fully explain why he would ever knowingly involve himself with someone claiming ties to the criminal underworld or with a man who illegally fixes matches for profit.

In another part of the video, Armstrong said that Diaz made a lot of money working with him.

Who’s in the car?

The livestream eventually came to a close when a police officer arrived at the scene.

The officer told Armstrong to put his phone and his fanny pack on the ground, which Armstrong did without ending the livestream.

When asked, Armstrong initially said he didn’t have a weapon but later told the officer he had one in his car.

Armstrong hesitated to answer when asked if there was anyone in the car. He looked into the camera on the ground, aware that he was still broadcasting on YouTube.

“Who’s in the car?” said the officer.

“Who’s in the car?” responded Armstrong.

“Yes, who is in the car?” repeated the officer.

A seemingly uncomfortable Armstrong didn’t answer.

“Who’s in your truck, sir?” said the now-terse officer, repeating. “Who’s in the car?”

This time Armstrong looked directly into the camera and said, “Cassie is in my car.”

Armstrong recently confessed to an extramarital affair with colleague Casandra Wolfe, but claims to be working on things with his wife.

Bitboy’s ‘Unhinged’ Meltdown Leads to Live Arrest on YouTube
Cassandra Wolfe was present at Armstrong’s arrest (Source: DuchessOfDeFi)

Armstrong added, “My wife knows we’re here,” for the benefit of the audience, but given the evasiveness of his answer, cynical commentators on social media think otherwise.

If the cynics are correct, Armstrong may find himself sprung from jail only to be sent straight to the doghouse.

Bitboy’s rant in full

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