ByondXR develops metaverse showrooms

VNTANA, the market leader in 3D eCommerce technology, today announced a partnership with ByondXR, a retail tech firm that creates 3D digital showrooms for brands and retailers to help them enter the metaverse.

VNTANA’s 3D CMS technology is integrated into the agreement, allowing ByondXR customers to rapidly develop interactive 3D virtual showrooms from existing design files.

This new integration enables marketers to upload existing 3D designs from programs such as Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, Modo, and others to create interactive 3D digital showrooms in ByondXR. VNTANA’s unique algorithms optimize and transform files to satisfy varied internet and gaming engine standards, including those required for the metaverse, with no additional labor required.

Design files required manual work from 3D artists to reduce file size and polygon count in order to work on the web and in game engines before this integration. As brands grow from hundreds to thousands of designs, this becomes unmanageable. VNTANA’s automated software saves days of human labor and allows firms to easily transition from design to sales and marketing. This collaboration comes as brands realize the value of giving immersive 3D, AR, and metaverse buying experiences to their eCommerce and B2B customers.

Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA, says, “Retail brands continue to explore for innovative methods to improve their eCommerce and B2B sales storefronts to create an engaging experience for customers.” “The integration of VNTANA’s API with ByondXR’s system allows them to quickly and easily create and integrate 3D assets into their immersive showrooms.” By replacing physical prototypes with 3D, brands who use it perceive an increase in sales and a big reduction in costs.”

ByondXR creates virtual environments that mimic real-life showrooms and stores for brands and retailers for an immersive customer experience

Within the virtual storefront, the ByondXR platform will interact with VNTANA’s 3D cloud to display optimal 3D representations of each content. “ByondXR’s integration and use of VNTANA allows our customers to optimize their 3D digital process and simply transform their 3D assets into a light-weight portion of our virtual showroom without sacrificing quality,” says Noam Levavi, co-founder and CEO.

“VNTANA cooperation and integration are being used by customers like Agron (Adidas US) and Group Dynamite to develop an effective end-to-end process from asset generation to the XR showroom on our cross-functional platform.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.