Calo Metaverse presents new app

Calo Indoor is now known to be the second project that Calo Metaverse has formally developed as part of its incubator program. The web3 application integrates augmented reality (AR) technology with components from GameFi and SocialFi. The Burn-to-Earn app recognizes and pays users for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

After Calo Run, the next piece of content to be provided by the CaloVerse ecosystem is Calo Indoor. The primary objective is to construct a network of indoor workout activities that can be improved by augmented reality technology. The two mobile applications that have been made available so far under the Calo brand capitalize on the expanding market for gamified fitness applications. The use of augmented reality technology results in a user experience that is both more immersive and gamified, with rewards closely matching to the action that is carried out.

The Calo Indoor app may be downloaded into a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) and using it does not require any specialized fitness gear. Users of the app take part in a variety of basic yet challenging cardio activities with the goal of burning calories. The capability to outfit an NFT sneaker according to one’s activity preferences is one of the GameFi features included in Calo Indoor. Users are also able to participate in fitness activities that make use of augmented reality (AR), and in doing so, they can earn incentives such as IFIT tokens, Calo Tokens, and other in-game stuff.

Calo Indoor is going to begin issuing the very first INO. The previous project, Calo Run, distributed its native NFTs to participants on a whitelist according to the principle of “First Come, First Serve,” but they were gone in just eight minutes

Calo Metaverse integrates blockchain technology and the metaverse, also known as a virtual universe, into goods that promote health and wellness in the entertainment and health care industries. The CaloVerse is the ecology that makes up the Calo Metaverse, and it is centered on physical activity and healthy living. Two of the projects that make up CaloVerse are called Calo Run and Calo Indoor. The gameplay of Calo Indoor mixes GameFi with augmented reality, with the goal of motivating players to exercise at home.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.