Capgemini and Unity unveil metaverse venture

In order to assist businesses in investigating the advantages of immersive metaverse experiences across industries, Capgemini and Unity have established a new cooperation.

Real-time 3D content may be created and managed using the Unity platform using a variety of software products. The two businesses have delivered international projects throughout the years in a variety of industries, from consumer goods to the manufacture of vehicles.

They will work together as a part of the new multi-year international cooperation to offer sector-specific solutions and professional services through platforms that are specifically designed for each client. This will entail working together on R&D initiatives as part of the Capgemini Metaverse Lab, assisting in the creation of the upcoming metaverse/Web 3.

With research and development projects focusing on the future of immersive human-machine interfaces and controllers as well as digital twin technologies, the Metaverse Lab intends to build industry-specific metaverse strategies.

Manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, energy and utilities, and telecommunications are among the industries on which the collaboration will concentrate

Pascal Brier, chief innovation officer at Capgemini and a member of the Group Executive Committee, stated that “metaverse and immersive experiences open a whole universe of possibilities for our clients across industries, from enabling more emotional connections with consumers, and reinventing employee experience and collaboration, to optimizing engineering, manufacturing, and operations using digital twins.”

“It will take skilled technical and operational skills to establish sector-specific use cases at scale. We are happy to collaborate with Unity, one of the main metaverse engines, to help our clients recognize its true commercial worth.”

Capgemini stated that it will leverage its extensive industry knowledge and experience with executing significant digital transformation projects to aid in accelerating Unity’s platform growth. Its technological competence in areas like AR/VR, AI, the internet of things, and cybersecurity that are essential to launching and scaling the future metaverse will be useful for joint client initiatives.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.