Carl Cox Debuts in the Metaverse with Virtual DJ Performance

Carl Cox Debuts in the Metaverse with Virtual DJ Performance

In a blend of music and technology, EDM pioneer Carl Cox is poised to take the stage in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse for a virtual DJ performance.

Utilizing a lifelike digital avatar crafted by Sensorium Galaxy, Cox delivered a 30-minute DJ set, ‘Intermundium,’ offering fans worldwide a unique and mesmerizing musical experience, according to a recent report. This event marks a significant moment in the evolution of music sharing and creative expression as artists and audiences explore the vast possibilities within virtual reality.

A dimension of musical experience


Carl Cox, a legendary figure in the electronic music scene with over three decades of DJ’ing under his belt, is no stranger to the rapid evolution of technology in the music industry. With his upcoming performance in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, Cox is embracing the metaverse as a novel platform for sharing music and connecting with fans across the globe. The virtual event, dubbed “Intermundium,” promises to transport audiences to an immersive world, transcending the traditional boundaries of live performances.

Sensorium Galaxy, powered by Swiss tech developer Sensorium, has meticulously created a digital avatar of Carl Cox, capturing the essence of his charismatic stage presence.

Cox himself was taken aback by the accuracy and lifelike nature of his virtual persona, stating,

“I truly understood what was possible when I first saw my avatar and literally did a double-take! I thought, ‘This is now a reality—or should I say virtual reality?'”

The performance

According to reports, the virtual DJ set, accessible across multiple platforms, including the Sensorium Galaxy Website, YouTube, the App Store, Google Play apps, and Steam, will be free to enjoy. In preparation for this performance, Cox approached the virtual set with the same care as his in-person shows, aiming to create a captivating musical journey for his audience, whether in the physical or digital realms.

Cox views the metaverse as a new and exciting technology that the music industry should wholeheartedly embrace. Per experts, the virtual realm offers unparalleled creative opportunities, enabling artists to craft visual experiences surpassing real-world performances’ limitations. While the question of audience interaction in a virtual space presents new challenges, Cox is fired up and ready to share his sound with a global audience, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music and performance.

The future of music and technology

The Sensorium Galaxy metaverse is at the forefront of integrating music, art, and technology. With initiatives like Sensorium Arc, a decentralized platform for Web3 products and assets, and AI-driven avatars like the Mona Lisa, Sensorium is paving the way for a more decentralized and equitable digital future. The platform’s focus on innovation and user engagement offers a glimpse into the potential of virtual reality in reshaping the experiences of art and music.

Carl Cox’s upcoming virtual DJ set in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse is more than just a performance; it is a testament to the endless possibilities that virtual reality offers to artists and audiences alike. As the community stands on the cusp of a new era in music and technology, events like “Intermundium” serve as a beacon, guiding them toward a future where the boundaries between reality and virtuality are seamlessly intertwined.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.