ChangeNOW develops metaverse exchange

Ariva Wonderland, a metaverse project built on the next-generation tourism & travel blockchain protocol Ariva, has been made available to visitors of ChangeNOW, a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Virtual reality and the idea of travel are combined in the Ariva metaverse to produce what seems like an endless number of trip experiences. ChangeNOW, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and processing platform, participates in this cutting-edge, rapidly expanding metaverse project because it values innovation.

People can mingle, talk, and engage just like they can in the actual world in the metaverse. The ChangeNOW team made the decision to expand on this idea by offering people its products, allowing them to receive what they need while staying connected to the metaverse. ChangeNOW is in the process of launching a metaverse version of its cryptocurrency exchange platform and has already established an office in Ariva Wonderland.

Users of Ariva Wonderland will have access to 450+ ChangeNOW-supported digital assets for trading, buying and selling within the metaverse

“At ChangeNOW, our mission is to give our users a great experience, especially in unfamiliar settings. The first stage, which we are thrilled to have, is having our lovely office in Ariva Wonderland. The possibility for metaverse nomads to exchange crypto without leaving the virtual environment is now being implemented.” According to Mike Ermolaev, Head of Public Relations at ChangeNOW, “ChangeNOW will be the first non-custodial platform to offer a metaverse-based experience for trading digital assets.”

Users can access Ariva Wonderland Alpha-2 and start this Web3 journey right away. All new features and layers will be patched into this release as development continues. You will be able to watch the development in real time in this way.

“Ariva deserves a particular thank you. It was simple to select the ideal metaverse for the launch. When you see it, you can’t help but be reminded of the 1980s! This interior reminds me of a young child who is excited to skip school in favor of a new game, which is a good recollection from the past,” continued Mike Ermolaev.

“Many thanks to the ChangeNOW team for accompanying us on this fantastic experience and supporting Ariva Wonderland by building an office,” the Ariva team said in a statement regarding the collaboration. “We are excited to see it being actively used in the game with the addition of fresh upgrades and innovations, and we believe this to be one of the industry’s trailblazing moves.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.