Disney works on a new metaverse game

Walt Disney Co. has made their characters come alive in its theme parks and has extended its franchises via streaming facilities. It is now attempting to catch up with the times by preparing for the forthcoming online evolutionary leap. Furthermore, an expert indicated in February that software development is still a problem area for the company.

Disney has initiated development of a plan for its approach to internet’s future version

Burbank’s entertainment behemoth has begun work on a strategy for the internet’s future version, which would combine the virtual and the physical, called Web3 or metaverse by futurists, investors, and IT executives.

According to people familiar with the debates who did not have authority to comment, Mike White, the Disney executive in charge of guiding the company’s foray into the sector, met with top Disney executives to establish broad strokes of metaverse strategy with respect to what they are calling “next-gen storytelling.”

White wants to form a task team and is working with top Disney executives on a regular basis to develop early plans for how to best tackle surfacing technology.

Disney CEO has offered some prominent signs regarding his interest in the metaverse

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has made very clear statements about his interest in the metaverse. In a February interview with a news organization, he described it as a “third dimension of canvas” for Disney creatives.

The specifics of what Disney’s approach will look like are still being worked out. The main goal of these gatherings is to figure out what it really means when it comes to the concept, which is roughly defined as a new version of the web based on blockchains.

The company isn’t always thinking about ways to improve physical venues like parks when it comes to virtual enterprises like Disney+, a streaming service, and digital environs. Furthermore, Disney may be in a strong position to benefit from advancements that bring the web to life through AR, VR, and NFTs. The company is also recognized for creating actual environments at Disneyland and Walt Disney Universe, such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, that re-create the world of films for visitors. Moreover, Disney may see windows in a world where people may attend digital concerts and shop for digital clothes at digital stores.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.